Saturday, March 18, 2006

Two faces or just vacant of purpose?

White House Welcomes Irish Leaders

A curious little news item above. Amerika has seemingly been celebrating St Patrick's Day with a vengence, largely overshadowing events in Ireland itself. Last time tyhe ape emperor donned his green tie was to welcome the McCartney sisters into the great white goldfish bowl - pronouncing at the time that Sinn Feinn were no longer welcome in the mansion of anti-terror inquisition.

Surprise then that yesterday we saw Jerry Adams accompany Irish PM Bertie Ahern into the hallowed Roosevelt room. Granted, most other Irish political faces were there too, but thankfully not Ian Paisley. Maybe there's a limit to how much fundamentalism even Dubya can take!

British readers may be interested to note that you get now register online for a new state benefit. The absence of waiting time may usefully be used to start reading "The Unbinding" - a new online novel by Walter Kim at Slate, with new chapters about twice a week. MI5 seem to believe that most office managers in the UK are encouraging terror attacks whilst the Labour Party seem to want a re-invented "Clause 4" to replace the one Blair buried on the road to power.

A happy 30th birthday approach for Apple Computer and a new US blog for the Regulation of Marijuana debuts.


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