Monday, March 20, 2006

The furies down under

Powerful Cyclone Devastates Australia

Some breaking mainstream news here - the northwest of Australia has been hit by a major cyclone. News at the above link via CBS.

Also at CBS is a photo-record of Israel's recent incursion into Palestine and the Save Amerika from Treachery test.

A commendable new portal called Freecycle is a worldwide resource via Yahoo Groups. It allows you to support recycling constructively by by-passing capitalism. Give unwanted studd away and claim what you want for free. Nice one!

My own links have extended into Yahoo's "360" facility and will no doubt be connected to my main site shortly.

A curious item in Washington Post tells that most Egyptians went to the cinema rather than endure Condi Rice's appearances during a recent visit. Why? Her lookalike was performing sexual antics in a hot local film release.

That great law-making body called the US congress is seemingly so redundent that it will "only bother" to meet for 97 days this year. Is this what Amerikan government has come to? An article at Counterpuch asks Where is the resistence on the Home Front?

John Reid, the British war minister insulted us all on Saturday by describing those who attened the anti-war demonstrations as "supporting terrorists". Now he's gone a step further by joining those in denial about Iraq's Civil War. Those who are more inclined to recognise this truth are, it seems, themselves (you guessed it) "supporting terrorism". All in all, it seems like Chaos Accomplished.

Here at home the financial total of Blair's secret loans increases day by day and his ratings are down to 33% - something else he has in common with the Ape Emperor. This is all of minor consequence however as we learn that, in this supposed age of nuclear non-proliferation, his hypocritical attitude to Iran is re-enforced by Britains secret development of new nuclear weapons.

The cost of all this will also no doubt hit us hard when the chancellor reveals his budget later this week. Just as energy price rises come home to roost.

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