Monday, July 31, 2006

Qana 2006

Some pictures to remind us of the latest Israhelli excercise in destation - the Qana bombing which left around 60 lebanese dead, more than half of them children. All todays papers reported the proposed 48 hour ceasefire on airstrikes although ground activity and artillary fire still continued apace. CBS News (early edition, lunchtime here in the UK) reports that Israhell has broken their own truce already with more air strikes. I guess lies and decption are just another war tactic for a state that has thrown aside the rulebook of humanity.


Less than Human?

Stone Age - Stoned Age

This link leads to an interesting piece in The Independent about newly discovered historical remains found in France, which suggests that our very own Stonehenge was something of an anomaly.

Basking in the recent heat, I'm currently reading "Evolution - A Novel" by Stepehen Baxter - one of a new generation of writers carrying on the tradition of sound-science fiction in the vien of Arthur C. Clarke and others. As co-incidence would have it, the above article caught my eye just as I've reached the "dawn of human civilisation" in the novel. The book itslef is a fine set of interlinked stories spanning pre-history to the near future. As fiction, there is some postulation regarding the unknown, but it is all based on known evolutionary knowledge.

In both the novel and in conventional wisdom, it is gernally accepted that humanity as we know it began when the brain providing processing power to our bodies acquired "self awareness" - that is, the ability to question one's environment, one;s own existance and behaviour and that of others. Such consciousness has brought about disagreements among tribes and even its members,also wholesale "wars" which may even have been overwhelming enough to have led to extinctions in our lineage. But self-awareness, above all, seems to have led to communication and the legacy of things like trade and co-operation we still rely on in the modern world.

Crucial to humanity surely, is not merely the fact of self-awareness but also the ability to perceive the same in others. And the realisation that, as a species, were are alike but also forever different as individuals.

Maybe it is no surprise that the Ape Emperor promotes creationism. The scientific truths of evolution can hardly be music to the ears to one whose idea of self-awareness does not extend to the recognition of those whose views, opinions and consciousness to not co-incide with the absolute and narrow-minded vision he calls his own. He is symptomatic of the tribal bully whose regressive traits suggest that he has become something less than "human".

It is nothing new. Such anomalies have occured throughout history. Fortunately, the instances where such beings have gained or been able to hold onto positions of power are rare.

Humanity has refined its methods of communication to an unprecedented degree, but in doing so we have increasingly shifted the focus of interaction from our ability to the methodology itself. We have become dependent on routines of our own creation and have possibly damaged our ability to interpret the messages and signals that are the anomalies.

In the Lebanon,through our modern methodolgy of communication, we have witnessed events that in earlier times would have been lost in the local criminal history.An example of regression by people with power that indicates something distinctly "less" than human let loose amongst us. It had been stirring for some time, but ironically its realisation followed a precendent set some years ago by equally backward minds in Amerika. That inhumanity toward fellow humans now pervades the methodology of our communication across the planet is a greater threat to "civilisation" than the individual instances of inhumanity themselves.

If the future is to be anything more than a reversal toward our darker past, people need to start "thinking" again. The opiate of media and systems of belief are not enough.


Sunday, July 30, 2006

Old Timers - New Tour

A couple of months back I was commenting on Neil Young's latest album, "Living With War". Well, he's now back on the road again with all his old mates in Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young. This film combines a bit of PR with documentary about the band and anti-war footage.

Long weekend for Rupert's Blair

Heatwave shuts down nuclear power plants

The absurdity continues. My rant the other day concerned the lack of integration in Britain's energy sources - I omitted to mention nuclear power simply because it has no duality of function whatsoever. Indeed, a project with any sense would be inclined to avoid such sites like the plague. Our Prime Preacher, in his vast unwisdom, has taken on the additional evangelical chore of promoting these monsters since he clearly can't get his head around the alternatives.

Now we hear of a greater folly courtesy of the headline link above. The current heatwave is merely a foretaste of things to come as global warming now sets in across the planet, yet it seems a few degrees of extra warmth is enough to cause the shutdown of nuclear plants. Can you image the chaos in a high-temperature future where the majority of our power is provided by this wasteful and pollutiing method?

Nuclear power is a long-term folly of an unimaginable degree. The cost of implementing it cannot be covered by the companies responsible - the needed subsidy will cost the state (and taxpayer) a fortune that could be spent developing new sustainable options, the fasle profits then made by the operators will then be siphoned off by corporate interests and shareholders, then finally the entire plant will reach the end of its life with incalculable radioactive by-product left as waste. That "waste" will then be "buried" underground, in all likelyhood leaking out again as the planet seeks to re-stabilise itself during the coming onslaught to its ecosystem. The only recycling prospect his the use of depleted uranium to tip the warheads of bombs for use in the war adventures whereby the victims are suject to a lingering radioactive poisoning.

As we claim to be interested in building "democracy" in a country like the now-wasted Iraq, just remember how many of its population are dying off slowly from the radiation we've hit them with in the last couple of years. Israhell's doing it too to the South Lebanon - in a few decades there will be less population to worry about!

So Blair has departed once again for the heart of Empire. The present he takes is permission for Bush and company to use Scotland for transport "hazardous" materials to the Israhelli war machine. The "present" he gets back is a bit of half0hearted PR by which he looks to be the peace-maker by getting support for a UN force in South Lebanon itself. This is all posturing - Israhell has said itself that it will not accept any international force of peace-keepers provided by the UN. They want the sole decision on contributing nations to any such force - ie: those "on-side" with the Zionist cause.

Blair's Amerikan adventure has been slightly hi-jacked by the Israhell problem anyway. He's over there to hang out with that sub-emperor of sorts, Rupert Murdock. Who knows what misdeeds he's planning at the big News Corporation party?

That last will not feature high on the newswires, if for no other reason than Murdock owns most of them and anything available will be a sanitised or biased pitch. The public show will be the rendezvous with Arnie and photo-ops with environmental projects. Arnie's California may well be diverging from the Bush administration on energy matters, but the entire escapade is symptomic of Blair's addiction to the culture of Amerika itself. Not really the place to be if you want to set an example. His oppostion counterpart in Britain, David Cameron, at least had the foresight to look toward Northen Europe on sound ecological matters.

Not that Blair cares one iota either way. He's reaching his political end-days and will be paying more attention to hob-nobbing with the behind-the-scenes power-brokers with whom his future is pre-ordained.


Friday, July 28, 2006

Diplomacy Failed

An appropriate clip from Wednesday night's Dialy Show in which Jon Stewart and his team report from the mid-east (sorta) and get mixed up about god in the process. Hilarious.

Of waste and calamity

London has been hit by some rather disruptive power cuts during the last 24 hours - the kind of thing we expect more in wintertime that at the height of summer. It also shows how inept the government is at controlling the management of the nation's energy infrastructure on the eve of the decline in world resources.

The electric supply should arguably have priority. We can live with out powered transport for a while. We can live without domestic gas supplies for a while. We cannot live without water or electricity - but we can limit its use. With drought threats, we have a ban on using hosepipes. Why then, with power-cut threats is there no ban on using air-conditioners and other non-essential energy-hungry devices?

Without electric power we are deprived some creature comforts, but more crucially we are deprived of most information and communication systems. No TV, no Radio, no Web access, no eMail and in some cases no simple telephony either. Suffer a power-cut and one can't even find out about it. I would rather be asked to put off the washing, the cooking and hot baths for a while than be subjected to a total loss of power. Sadly, in their quest for profits, it seems the energy companies are allowed to encourage us to use maximum product with no thought as to what might happen when the system overloads.

Britain has been hot - very hot! But we can survive it despite the tiredness and irritability. There is no excuse for draining limited resources with vanity equipment like air-conditioners.

This also relates to something else that has been on my mind a while. As we look toward sustainable energy supplies, little attention seems to be being paid to integration. Electric companies contribute to what we call the "National Grid" but water and gas supply run separate systems. They may not need to be re-nationalised (that would mean the even worse incompetence of beaurocrats) but they should be obliged to work together.

Imagine a resevior. How many of them integrate hydro-electric power generators to utilise the outgoing water supply? How many of them host wind turbines or solar-panel arrays as part of their architecture? So too with gas and oil sources - how much of the immense pressure release available in the extraction of these resources is simultaneously harnessed to create direct electric current?

Global warming is affecting our weather. The heat the another day attracted some major electrical storms. We worry about being struck by lightning - maybe we should be directing our attention toward building devices that would deliberately attract lightning and then store the vast amount of nature's power they provide.

Britain is fortunate in that it is surrounded by water. The opportunities for hyro-electric power would seem almost unlimited. More importantly, we should be building a network of de-salination plants which can convert sea water into normal fresh water for a future where rainfall may not suffice. The areas where we are under threat from rising sea levels might be a good place to start.

I'm no expert on this of course. But everywhere one looks there are vast sites and infrastructure projects that seem to be concerned with their own individual use. Nobody in government seems to be paying any attention to making such places and schemes multi-functional.

Before we learning to make, and abuse, petroleum, we built a network of waterways for transport. The canels are still there. They may not be fit for the demands of today's industry, but surely they could provide the basis for a "National Grid" of freshwater supply. They might even provide of renaissance in the transport of local goods. Why too, is is legal to consume petroleum and pollute the environment just to take produce from one end of the country for packaging only to transport it back again to its source for sale.

30 miles off the coast of Cornwall are the Scilly Isles which illustrate the best and worst of this. All their water comes from a desalination plant run by the local council instead of a private company. On the other hand, they are a fishing economy and locals can't even buy part of the catch - that is shipped off to the mainland, transported across country and packaged in a great pool - a small part of which may find its way back to the islands a considerably, "unfreash" time later. The chain of waste in this process will also have resulted in an absurd price inflation all in the pursuit of "profit".

Before this becomes an extended essay, I'll stop. You'll get the idea.


Toast of the Mid-East?

Tide of Arab Opinion Turns to Support for Hezbollah

Today's NYT (above) leads with indications that Arab states seem to be moving toward an anti-Israel coalition, including states like Egypt and Jordon who supposedly have peace pacts with the jewish state. This trend was probably inevitable but the fact it is happening sooner rather than later may be a good sign. Even Blair seems to have woken up (after the horse has bolted, of course) as the Guardian reports he's telling Bush that Amerika's opposition to a ceasefire may be about to have a "tinderbox" effect. Clearly both are going to have more to worry about than just Syria and Iran.


Thursday, July 27, 2006

Britain's royal dissident discovers flower power. Once upon a time is was the monarchies that waged war around the world - now it's so-called "democratic" governments enslaved to the forces of greed. This chap is almost setting a good example in these fragile times.
eTV Picture Post

Fiddling in Rome while the world burns

One of the more commendable remarks from his royal dissidentness, Prince Charles, was the stated aim that when he becomes king he would like to be considered "Head of Faith(s)" rather than head of the anglican church. Given that many people, especially in times of insecurity, head for the most locally convenient religious subscription in pursuit of faith they have lost in either themselves or their government, such broad-ranging patronage is worthy intent - hopefully maximising integration and tolerence whilst minimising the hatred of rival doctrines. Personally speaking, I'm pretty intolerant of all religions - I have no particular hatred of any one of them but see them as a form of population control that discourages their subscribers from freedom of thought and independent theological pusuit. Most of them are mere remnants of a communication network designed for primitive times and the messages/ideaology they convey no more than a "marketable" bastardisation of their original foundations. The most common characteristic of their legions of followers is hypocrisy - short and simple.

If anything, capitalism and consumerism, with their inherent greed, have become the true new religions anyway. The media is their church. As a consequence, the new age of religious conflict is to a great extent an illusion. The real motivation of today's warriors is, as so often in the past, greed and power. In the Lebanon there remains the traditional quest for "living space" whilst worldwide the shift is towards grabbing the last of the planet's finite resources. As one half of the world worships wealth and material possessions, the other half are enslaved and abused in ways - sometimes obvious and sometimes less so. It is the groundswell amonst this latter dis-enfranchised, often displaced, majority that is the real enemy in the "civilised" West. It has little to do with any religious cause - that is simply the machinery of empowerment for elite on both sides.

The unwillingness of the selected group of global powers that met in Rome yesterday to do anything about the situation in Palestine and the Lebanon appears symptomic of their impotence. I rather think they may be all-too-virile and that their inaction is simply a desire to see the current prologue play out as they prepare the ground for a grand theatre of slaughter to come. If praying is your thing - then pray that I'm wrong!


Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Wasted time?

Channel 4 News

Two worthy notes from Channel 4;s newsletter will will probably be covered in full above shortly.

Firstly, the Rome meeting has been a complete failure. Most leaders agreed on a "ceasefire" being reasonable option. None of them however could get to grips with the notion of "immediate". So the bitz in the Lebanon continues.

Second, and more alarmingly, is the fact the Amerika has been found rushing arms to Israehell via Britain and without permission. It seems our foreign secretary, Margaret Beckett, is none too pleased about this particular venture despite her silent on the greater issue in Rome. Not that her distress should be misinterpreted as any moral stance - Britain too is making big bucks and nasty friends by exporting its own arms to the Jewish State.


This Is The The Day (That was!)

This Is The The Day - Jukebox
A few days ago I put "Matt Johnson" into Google and immediately got sent to his site for the band, "The The". I'd been meaning to check it out for some time.

I first met Matt through his brother - artist Andy Johnson, who was an old mate back in the late 70s when I was publishing underground comix. Matt came over one day to raid my counterculture archives and showed great interest in things I guess he was too young to remember himself. Some years later I was invited the the debut gig for his "The The" band at the old Marquee Club in London. I remember little of the songs themselves, just the music - in the words of his brother: "I knew he was good - but not that good".

Times changed and I lost contact with a lot of people from that era, but Matt's band went from strength to strength and next came to my attention with one of the first "long-form" video albums - the excellent "Infected". This time I started paying attention to his words and sought out both the follow-up albums, "Mind Bomb" and "Dusk". There was an extent of international social commentary in his work that was, indeed still is, quite rare. A kind of post-punk sensibility if you will, that ranged beyond the local and national boundaries that frequently limit artistes of a political disposition.

My reason for checking up on Matt was that in recent times I've been haunted by one of his songs from the Mind Bomb album - "Armageddon Days Are Here". It may have been written in the mid-1980s, but it appeared to prophesise the corruption of Christianity and the rise of Islam, even mentioning "blood red skies at five miles high". These were days of airplane hi-jacks of the non-missile variant but also of an earlier conflict in the Lebanon. Looking back at the lyric sheet, the song even refers to Hezbollah!

Matt's site above has a worthwhile jukebox where you can listen to this and most of his back catalogue. I had a bit of a problem doing this myself because what appears to be a security facility stopped the tunes downloading through by proxy server's cache. For general users however, I doubt this will be evident. Check them out.

No link yet, but radio news has just annouced that the families of Iraq War servicemen here in the UK have been in court and won the right to a full public hearing on the legality of the war itself. Naturally some are concerned that they were forced to obey "illegal" orders as a consequence. Needless to say, Blair's government are not at all happy - this is a turn of events they've been trying to avoid for some years.

Other Whitehall sources are said to be claiming Blair plans to join Bush in another war aginst Iran during the coming months. Troops, it seems, are already practicising their tactics down in Australia. Maybe they think nobody's looking. Some are also wondering if the current Isaelhelli adventure is part of a build-up to the same. Such "arms length" antagonisation of Iran and Syria may play well for the long-term Amerikan agenda. See Once it starts and Cradle or Graveyard of Empire.


Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Any other country and the world would be imposing sanctions. Maybe people have the power to do what our governments have compromised themselves too much to do themselves.
eTV Picture Post

Peacekeepers murdered too

4 U.N Peacekeepers Killed In Lebanon

First the civilians, then the foreigners, then the red cross - now the UN peace-keepers. It's bedtime in Britain as this breaking news comes from CBS. I'm won't be sleeping so well as I wonder if there is anything at all the damned Israehelli killing machine doesn't consider fair game as they perpetrate this contemporary holocaust.

Condi's now left and buggered off to the Rome meeting tomorrow. Even she might be thanking her lucky stars she didn't get shot down in the crossfire dominated by her own country's weapons.

Timeline of Attacks on Lebanon

An illustrated chronology of Israehell's attacks on the Lebanon over the years, ending with some horrific images from the current carnage.
Protests in UK at Israeli action

Some decent coverage of the anti-war protest in London last weekend.

Blood Red Cross

Red Cross ambulances destroyed in Israeli air strike on rescue mission

It is now being described as "The War without Rules". Israel's onslaught in the Lebanon has taken innumerable civilian lives - both residents and foreigners. It must be a first for conflict over a national boundary where no warning signs were given and no opportunity allowed for visitors to escape. Some of the very first innocent victims were Canadians! One wonders why Canada did not interpret this as an act of war against itself?

Since the conflict began, consensus has acknowledged that war crimes are being committed here. Problem is, that other global bully, Bush, thoroughly approves of it all - indeed, he set the recent precedents himself. Nobody wants to take on the imperial might of Amerika - even though it is militarily and financially over-stretched, literally bankrupt in both the fiscal and moral sense. The UN remains impotent and the Geneva Convention can go to hell - or "Israehell" as many commentators have taken to calling it.

The above link to today's Guardian covers the attack on Red Cross ambulances yesterday. Ambulances? That's a plural. It is clear this was no accident and that Israehell (I concurr!) has no conscience or regard for those attempting to extricate themselves from the battlefields. Such indiscrimate murder, on such a massive scale, comes very close to what we would normally consider akin to genocide. That it is being perpetrated by a people the world acted to save from such a fate themselves, is an insult to, and an act of treachery aginst, the global community itself.

An act of compensation for the victims of a 20th century atrocity has created an equally dark regime. The crimes are multifold. The betrayal absolute. Is it any wonder that there are those who question whether such a nation has a right to exist? In barely more than half a century of existence, it's uncaring self-obsession has bred the hatred that now fuels the forces that seek to tether its expansion. The global acts of terrorism that seemingly threaten the whole world today are also in large part the result of the major world powers giving tacit support to an essentially evil regime.

The more this injustice is perpetrated, the more its undoing will need to be absolute. If the world stands aside, its interest restricted to voyeurism and appeasement of the conquerers, it will be watering the seeds of the very future they claim to dread.

In Australia, Richard Neville's troubled venture, JohnHowardPmOrg is finally up and running again. A fine portal which, despite the name, should be of interest worldwide. Richard aslo has a piece on the Lebanon at his own site.

A White House press release also seems to indicate that Amerika wants Israehell to attack Syria too. Is a Zionist control of Amerika almost complete? Danger - Legacy ahead! So what were you saying Condi?

The Guardian also reports that around Two-thirds of British voters want Blair to get his nose out of Bush's ass and serve his own country. Now there's a thought!


Monday, July 24, 2006

Condi - Off her ass at last!

Rice Makes Surprise Visit To Beirut

But to what avail?

Somewhat earlier than predicted, Condi Rice has stirred and ventured in the direction of the Middle East. She's just landed in Beirut and will move on to Israel later. Hope she doesn't get shot down during the hop!

It seems Israel has agreed to some kind of multinational force taking over in the border regions - provided they are willing to fight if necessary. An odd provision for the idea of peace-keeping. Bush and Blair remain steadfastly opposed to partaking in any such adventure - more than likely because neither actually have any available troops left with which to contribute. They are, after all, entangled otherwise elsewhere.

One is tempted to believe that movements by Condi and the British foreign office are more designed to offset comment by the increasingly critical mainstream media. In all this so-called "diplomacy" there has been no mention of any kind of timetable to stop the Israeli slaughter of innocents. It feels like more a case of who's available to move in to mediate after the Zionist war-mongers have finished their destruction.

In the UK, the government has finally abandoned the CSA as an unrecoverable project. In Amerika, government sources confrim war with Iran will take place this year.

Check "Latest Clicks" for the best articles of the current Lebanon crisis and its history, plus new art, music and photography.


Saturday, July 22, 2006

Sowing The Seeds of Love

A bit of much needed optimism for the weekend. You may remember this song by Tears For Fears from a decade or more ago. The original came with a fantastic psychedelic video, but this more recent clip is an acoustic session. Relish.

A Measured Response? One of the more distressing images of Israeli barbarism in the Lebanon from the site mentioned below.
eTV Picture Post

Lebanon Action

From Israel To Lebanon

The site above contains of Israeli massacres in Lebanon that the mainstream media don't show. It's not for the squeamish! You can also contribute to the online petition to "Save Lebanese Civilians".

Bittersweet Symphony?

More images of the destruction, death and maiming being inflicted on the people of Lebanon by the Israeli invasion.
Makdisi on The Middle East Crisis

Some independent news analysis on Israel and the Lebanon which offers a very different view from the imperial propaganda of Amerika's mainsteam media.
In Bethlehem

A down to earth film in which an American student living in Bethlehem describes the mood of the town and its citizens.
A Time of War

Give them shelter. A short show on the recent history leading up to the latest israeli slaughter in the Lebanon.

Breakfast in the Ruins? A survivor wanders in the morning destruction of Beirut.
eTV Picture Post

It's not anti-semitism!

Casting Blame , Finding Solutions to The Middle East Conflagration

Opposing Israel and opposing Zionism is not the same as opposing jews, but there is an increasing likelihood their faith will come under greater scrutiny due to the behaviour of the so-called "Jewish State". It may be a "limited menu" democracy, but it is certainly not a secular government any more that that of the likes of Iran. That the world treats it like it were and allows it to pursue its dogmatic agenda is an insult to the intelligence of free-thinking people.

As even Amerikan cities like Detriot begin to witness tension between their large Arab and Jewish communities, there is a danger that anti-semitism itself will be on the rise once more. The above article is by Rob Kall, editor and publisher of "Op Ed News", who also writes ...

"I never thought editing and publishing OpEdNews would be so hard, would tear me apart. But then the conflict in Gaza began, and things started to get difficult. Then the Lebanese conflagration ignited and it's been hell. I want to cover the conflict, the stories, with journalistic integrity. AND I am Jewish, so I run this website knowing that my Jewish family and friends will be looking over my shoulder.

Today, I got a call from one of my best friends, that started, "What the hell are you doing?" And he went on to cite the perspective on the conflict that supports Israel's actions going after Hezbollah. Over the weekend, I got an email from a regular contributor to OpedNews calling me an anti-semite, not the first, and this one came with notification that the contributions would stop, also not the first. I explained to my friend, how challenging it has been setting ground rules and policies that made sense, were fair, that prevented flat out attacks that were not presented within a reasonable context.

The middle east conflict could be the most difficult problem in the world. I believe we have to take a different approach, different approaches if we are ever going to find solutions. I'm hoping my editorial policies will help make a difference."

Don't let them tell you this is a "war on terror" and stand back astonished at the big mess as a Pact allows for foreign ownership of Amerika's Nation Security assets. In Britain, there may be a Rift between the Foreign Office and Downing Street on the whole Lebanon issue.


As Condi plans plans it's bombs away

U.S. Speeds Up Bomb Delivery for the Israelis

Headlining at the New York Times above is news that Amerika has started shipping arms to Israel with great haste. It thus becomes clear that the Ape Emporer has taken "sides" with the murder machine. Such hypocrisy given that his oppostion to and veto on stem cell research was based on an alleged "sanctity of life". On rule for the elite - another entirely for the "de-humanised" hordes around the world.

Condi meanwhile is planning for plans for talks as they say. Who's kidding who? Book it in for a week or two - after the apocalypse!


War begats more?

Islamic Leaders Tell Somalis to Prepare for War

The Washington Post report here that yet another war against Islamic militias is now brewing between Ethiopia and Somalia. Not exactly the middle-east but almost certainly brought on by another example of Amerikan meddling and un-nerving in that it could open a new major battlefront.


Friday, July 21, 2006

Heat is on

Driver fights ban over 'occasional' drug use

An offbeat story hear which is less about drugs or driving than professional confidentiality. You don't expect private conversations with your doctor to be passed on - you certainly don't expect it to take it upon himself/herself to have your driving license revoked because of an indiscretion you might have mentioned. Maybe it's just a symptom of the big brother state where the price of the health service is a neighbourhood spy.

I gather that Bushland is overheating too. The weather here in Britain is the cause of excessive lathargy and it slows the brain too. Hence the slowdown on the words. The only thing I'm tempted to comment on is the murder and attempted genocide happening in the Lebanon, but with the Israeli Embassy about 100 yards away I doubt I've got the energy to escape if Mossad come calling. It all over the mainstream media anyway - except that the Bush/Blair "anti-terror" rhetoric and backing of the slaughter has obscured the criminal, evil and indiscriminating nature of of Zionist campaign itself.

How this plays out is anyone's guess. Israel of clearly being given a week or so to turn a sovereign nation into a wasteland of blood and guts. It may escalate throughout the region or it may be contained. One thing is for sure - it will not be forgotten and Israel will never be forgiven. If anything, the anger and resentment will almost certainly give rise to the use of "terror tactics" by those increasingly displaced from their own lands and with no available platform on which to promote their cause. Already guilty of their own war crimes, the governments of Britain and Amerika turn a blind eye - urged on by the selfish interests of media mogels, financiers and international corporate industrialists - for many of whom the Zionist cause itself is absolute. The global flow of capital, energy and time-limited resources remains paramount and any pretence of commitment to ecological sustainability and equal co-existence is sacrificed on an alter of greed and modern day slavery. The United Nations is impotent in the face of the elite "micro-democracy" called the Security Council, which is too busy organising power-sharing schemes amongst itself to be bothered with the fate of either other countries or even the planet itself. In international governance and the rule of law they are now less than inadquate for the task - they are obselete.

The failure of The League of Nations contributed to the sequence of events whereby WW2 ravaged half the world. The failure of the Security Council (and thus the UN itself) may well be the final catalyst that sets in motion nightmares to come.


Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Bush molests Chancellor Merkel

In the furore over Bush at the microphone, there has been less coverage of the incident where he molested the German Chancellor. Lest it be forgetten, here it is.
Daily Show: G8 Summit

Monday night's report on the Bush and Blair indiscretions at the G8 summit - summed up as only Jon Stewart can.

A silent escalation?

Independent Online Edition > Middle East

This report in the Independent suggests that Turkey may be about to move its own forces into Northen Iraq in order to clamp down on the Kurds. This is not to Amerika's liking, especially since the Northern region os one of the relatively quiet places left in the country. If any potnetial conflict here escalates, remember that Turkey borders Syria and is extremely close to Lebanon. One would not want to antagonise them into joining the current conflict there - although facing a military power more their equal might give the murdering Zionists pause for thought.

There's a map of the region in my new picture blog which I'll be testing for the next few weeks. Click on for a quick preview.

For more on the Lebanon, see Latest Clicks at left. There are too many new links to comment on all of them.


Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The Deepest Secrets of 9/11

As Bush makes a complete fool of himself in front of secret microphones, one wonders what Dick Cheney is up to back in Washington. Chin-wagging with Olmert perhaps?

This clip is one I may have published some time back, but it is newly remastered and far better quality than the original.

Meanwhile in the South

A letter from my mailbox ...

...and the world remains silent...

Friends. Its nearly 4 a.m. here and I decided to go back to my computer to communicate to my friends around the world what every single mainstream media channel..., whether American, European or Arab, is FAILING to communicate in regards to what is happening right NOW in Gaza, Palestine. I have been in front of television for the past few hours monitoring the news and I was shocked to see NOTHING on Gaza except for on 2 local Arab channels and one Arab satellite channel which I shall not name for their own good..., lest the United States with its Israel lobby decide to shut down. Even Al Jazeera channel, to my utter shock, didn't so much as mention Gaza in its last 2 news broadcasts!! Let me tell you my friends what I have been watching for the past few hours and what I am still listening to on my head-phones:

Southern Gaza is in TOTAL DARKNESS. Three quarters of the television frame is PITCH BLACK while northern Gaza has a few lights. About an hour ago, Israel bombed with F-16's the only power station left in Khan Younes plunging it in TOTAL DARKNESS too. Do you know what it means to be without electricity for 10 days in today's world??? No water, no sewage, no cooling, no storing of whatever food is left, no communications....etc. As though this were not sufficient for those poor Palestinians, tonight, like every night, Israel has been bombing and missiling Gaza and flying over it all night with sonic booms to scare the people and especially the children who are totally terrified. Yesterday a one and a half year old child died in an awful way of injuries sustained by Israeli bombing and mainstream media instead of covering it is allowing a terrorist like Ehud Olmert to take the microphone and tell the world that Israel never targets civilians. It has been 10 days now and all Israel has done is target civilians and kill dozens! One of the strongest armies in the world has declared war on a population that does not even have an army! Water is lacking, food is scarce, medicine has run out, FUEL has run out... and Israel refuses to let trucks carrying supplies enter Gaza to save a civilian population which was already condemned to live in refugee camps because Israel kicked them out of their homes and stole them. Even Palestinian hospitals hardly know how to operate. When Israel first bombed Gaza's power mains, hospitals resorted to using their generators. But generators can only keep going if there is fuel.... and there no long is fuel. The sick and elderly who live on machines are slowly dying. Babies in incubators are dying. With the increasing rubbish that can no longer be picked up from the streets, diseases are starting. A humanitarian disaster is taking place in Gaza NOW and Mr. Bush, his Israeli White House, his corrupt AIPAC stooge of a Congress, Mr. Bolton and Mr. Annan are laying the grounds for their attack on Syria and Iran.... and who knows what else.

And the world is silent. And mainstream media is behaving as though nothing were. All it cares about is that damned Israeli soldier that means ZILCH amid 1.4 million innocent civilians who had nothing to do with his capture!

Last, but not least...., NONE of this would be happening were it not for the American tax-payer who for decades financed and is still financing every bullet and missile being shot from Israel. What does it take for the American tax payers to understand that they are ultimately paying for their own destruction. The US has created a monster that now controls it. US soldiers are fighting Israel's dirty war in the Middle East. US soldiers are dying so that Israel can prosper. US families are losing their loved ones so that Israel doesn't have to.... After all, what is an American goyim near an Israeli life. American soldiers are kidnapped all the time in Iraq and they are not even mentioned in the news. Yet, when an Israeli soldier is kidnapped, the president of the United States himself comes out to speak on his behalf! Where are the American people? Where is that great nation that we were all told represented "freedom" and "liberty"?? It is being held on a leash by Ehud Olmert and AIPAC. At least in the Arab world we have the excuse of being the underdeveloped third world. What is America's excuse? If only Americans knew that Israel will use them and dump them in a split second.

While I am writing this, I am watching the rescue of bodies from a building that collapsed in Gaza about an hour ago after it was bombed by Israeli F-16's. I see panicked and scared Palestinians lighting the collapsed building with their torches and digging with their hands in the rubble to find survivors. I see a hand sticking out the rubble and it is still moving. A body is under a heavy concrete wall which no one can move without a bulldozer..., but there is no fuel and no bulldozer to help.Palestinians don't have bulldozers.

I am writing this to my internet friends because it is my duty to relay what I am seeing. I cannot just go to sleep as though nothing were. Mainstream media world wide, is obviously complicit in the new world order and I am hoping that the internet community will stand out and will spread the news of Gaza, like we spread the news of Iraq.

I have recorded the horrible events of this evening... and of those past few days..., and I shall find a way to have this footage out. The world must find out what a criminal country Israel is. Tomorrow also, unless my IP is blocked again, I shall be sending you interesting news on Israeli inside Iraq...., also something that mainstream media is conveniently forgetting to mention.

Regards to all from Cherifa Sirry"

Discussing the ChitChat

Some additional coverage from our very own BBC, discussing the Bush/Blair remarks. Strangely, the BBC newsreader gets to repeat the offending word without being "bleeped", but far more important is the analysis from the Lebanese guest.

The British navy have now begun evacuating visitors from Lebanon itself - probably to nearby Cyprus. The operation is being described at the biggest of its kind since Dunkirk in WW2. Israeli ground forces are now on the rampage across the border as the Zionist expansionists attempt to kickstart WW3.
Bush-Blair Confidential

A replay of the inane conversation mentioned below, courtesy of CNN. It's not quite complete, but you get the message. Assholes.

Expletive Undeleted

Arianna Huffington: Bush and Blair's Less Than Excellent Conversation

It would be hilarious were it not so tragic. The microphone that eavesdropped on a "private" conversation between the Ape Emporer and the Prime Preacher revealed such a casual and simplistic approach to events of a wholly deadly serious gravity that one despairs of their ability to even perceive of the mess they have created. As Israel adopts a "scorched earth" policy towards its neighbours, without regard for foreign or civilian casualties, these two act like they are discussing some kind of game. Above is Arianna Huffington's take on it all. There is an edited transcript in today's Independent.


Monday, July 17, 2006

"Over-reaction" as a sublime understatement

Interactive. Israel/Palestine hostage crisis

Intense heat and a busy time last week have rendered this writer into "slow-motion" mode, all the more weary for the frustration in finding words to express my anger at what is happening in the tiny north west corner of what can effectively be described as "South West Asia".

The main link above leads to an interactive map in today's Guardian which gives a timeline from recent activity in Gaza to the latest incursion into the Lebanon. The battles around Israel's northern border are werll covered elsewhere and sadly detract the world's attention from the likely fate of Palestine. One glance at the map and one is immediately reminded how little territory is left to the Palestinian people - whose resentment at division and occupation by Zionist maurauders remains at the heart of the current conflict. Over 50 years of illegal behaviour by Israel has not only been ignored by the United Nations, but activly supported by the likes of Britain and Amerika. Now we have the hypocritical spectacle of Israel justifying its present excerise in the slaughter of inncocents by citing UN resolutions.

It is said that the Israel lobby has an undue influence on affairs of state in Amerika and Bush's reaction to 9/11 has set a precedent whereby "criminal" acts of terror are being used as an excuse for war-mongering, invasion and colonisation. Israel no longer has to seek justification for what is politely being called "over-reaction" - it has only to point to Amerika for a tactical example and vindication.

Let us not forget too, that only one Israeli soldier was taken hostage in Gaza and only two Israeli soldiers taken in Lebanon. All three were serving military personnel engaged in activities which are illegal in international law. Israel itself holds countless hostages from both Palestine and the Lebanon, many of whom were seized far from any field of combat. The massive, largely Amerikan-supplied, military machinary now being used against the Lebanon is being harnessed for the indiscriminate slaughter of civilians and the destruction of a modern infrastructure that has taken two decades to build. By attacking northern cities like Beirut and Tripoli is seems clear the Israel's intent is to reduce its northern neighbour's status to a backward land ripe for the plucking.

70 years ago, Germany's Hitler sought more living space for his own "master race" to occupy. Amongst his victims were those who later created Israel and were granted statehood within borders they have since failed to respect. 70 years on, their behaviour merely emulates the evil of which they were once victim. That they have nurtured enough power and influence in places like Britain and Amerika to to ensure they can act without any real international opposition is all the more tragic.

Whether by co-incidence or not, the current war has begun as the G8 leaders convened for their annual masturbation convention. Last year the pressure to get their act together was immense thanks to the Live8 events. That it was effectively hi-jacked by the London bombings proved all-too-convenient and little progress on the stated resolutions has been achieved during the last 12 months. Today they will attempt to renew some of those vague pledges. There is unlikely to be much media scrutiny of whatever they cough up - after all, there is a thrilling bomb-fest to be watched on TV - the real blood and gore removed of course lest it upset the sensibilities of the armchair warriors.

Take a look at an atlas. Look up the area roughly described as "South West Asia". To the south, west and east there is sea or ocean. As this war escalates in the north-west corner, consider the threats being made against Syria. Then consider Syria being brought into the war-zone and you'll see Iraq is suddenly part of the same battlefield. Look to the far eastern side and you'll find that other escalating conflict - namely Afghanistan. All that's left in between is that other international bogeyman, Iran. As the new "ol' mate" Olmert joins the Bush/Blair warrior club, it is anyone's guess where this might lead.


Thursday, July 13, 2006

Lord Levy of the Favour Levies

Honours scandal reaches door of Downing Street

Shit flies - if you'll excuse the language. Britain is agahst as the Prime Preacher's personal walking cashpoint machine, Lord Levy, gets arrested in a continuation of the long-bubbling "loans for peerages" and related scandals. Bailed yesterday, but called back by the police detectives today, the labour fundraiser and Bliar confidant is struggling to explain visible cash trails, missing documents and mysterious office fires resulting in more missing documents. Everyone smells a rat!

The buck, of course, stops not with Levy but with the Downing Street incumbant himself. Following simple progressive logic it seems that the Dear Leader (UK-stylee) himself could face arrest. Not for war crimes, not for treason, nor even for actual fraud! If not corruption it becomes ever more clear that Bliar's agenda has been self-serving, self-obsessed and seriously self-centred. Both government and party accountability have been sacrificed at the alter of power and greed. A career supposedly devoted to public service has insidiously morphed into one of corporate subservience and dictatorship.

I'm betting he's gone before the party conference, along with his swaggering deputy. There will still be a legacy of sorts - one of international crime, administrative corruption and betrayal of the his people's interests. The era of "cowboys" belongs in the past and that's where we should bury the current pretenders.


Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Syd Barrett: Jugband Blues

Trippin' back to simpler times, as promised, a clip of the original Pink Floys from 1967. The late Syd Barratt sings "Jugband Blues" (one of his most popular) and pre-dates David Gilmour joining the band. Barratt's psychedelic breakdown would come a few months later with Gilmore initially forced to take over both his vocals and guitar parts. Barratt died on the 8th July 2006 - see below for main link.


A shining Crazy Diamond

Syd Barrett dies after 30 years as a recluse

News has broken that the founder member of the Pink Floyd, Syd Barrett, died on Friday last. More and tributes at the link above. He left the Floyd over 30 years ago, but his legacy has always lived on. His influence on other artistes cannot be understated. Watch out for some video archives to be posted here soon.


Monday, July 10, 2006

Bush for Nuremberg?

Bush Could Be Prosecuted for War Crimes

A fascinating piece above reveals that a Nuremberg Chief Prosecuter says there is a case for trying George Bush for sumpreme crimes against humanity and an illegal war of agression against a sovereign nation. It may sound like stating the obvious, but the weight is in the source.

How practical would such action be? Slightly more worrying is one of the comments from a reader in Holland ...

"As was stated, the ICC is situated in The Hague, The Netherlands. As part of their megalomania, a resolution was enacted by the USA, that would 'justify' an invasion of The Netherlands, in case any American was held in prison by/for the ICC. To subsequently free this person.

Because any American accused of war crimes could only be propaganda from america's enemies, of course. And would only be used against the USA. and whatever more reasoning.

That means that basically the USA declared war on my country, an sovereign nation, that has a State Lottery older than the USA...A long time ally of the USA.

So you see nothing is sacred.

Of course, my country's government was totally inadequate in the reacting to this highly aggressive move."

With nobody else interested in signing up, it seems the US military is increasingly relying on neo-Nazis to fill its ranks. No wonder we're seeing additional atrocities in the war zones.

Forget North Korea for a moment, it seems India has just test-fired its own new long-range missile. So why no concern about this from the international community? In this case the test was sucessful and the country's nuclear arsenal somewhat greater.

The fashionable theory for containment of carbon emissions and nuclear waste seems to be the idea of "burying" it. For Amerika, the new "service industry" in Russia seems all too willing to provide such a solution. Big problem - a report today suggests that increased global volcanic activity would result in frequent "leaks". Also the latest Climate & Energy Report.

Two interesting pieces on medical pot at Counterpunch this weekend. Frontline treatment for childhood mental disorders and Big Pharma's epic quest for cannabis without euphoria. Both suggest that normally silent sources have come to the realisation that the product has its uses. Also on the drugs front, in Scotland alcohol is now cheaper than water.

In the UK, Blair is off on yet another holiday. No surprise there! It is however a slight surprise that his embattled deputy, the increasingly "Press-Caught" Prescott, has been cleared to run the country in his absence again.

After a long absence, artist Gilbert Shelton returns with a new Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers strip which is published online for the first time. For further escapism, you might even try reaching the 10th Dimension. Find out how.


Sunday, July 09, 2006

Alcohol Vs Marijuana

A classic clip from comedian Bill Hicks.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Rememberance Daze

Laura Knight Jadczyk: V is for Vendetta

The above link is to another blog here - an epic read sent to me courtesy of the London 911 Truth group. It comes of course on the anniversary of London's 7/7 attack and Britain went silent for it at midday.

Yours truly is slightly "under the weather" this week - watering eyes amongst the ails. Thus this blog has been rather light the last couple of days. There are still plenty of new links in "latest clicks" (see left).


Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Ali G takes on the DEA

A bit of a classic here - or at least some light relief.

Testing problem or testing times?

North Korea Fires Seventh Missile

World furore? Above is one link to the news that's everywhere, although it all seems a bit like a smokescreen. We know North Korea had nukes. We know they had missiles. I'd rather they tested the missiles before arming them than they held back and sat on an unproven arsenal which might be prone to accidents. One doubts such a small power would ever use them except in defense or retaliation. The fact that Amerika is now claiming the excerise was a failure sounds like posturing - did they really think an experimental firing was going to travel all the way to Alaska or California and trigger a "real" crisis?

Why no such fuss about Israel's illegal arsenal? Given their recent behaviour, the Zionists seem far more likely to pursue a policy of devastation where their enemies are concerned. Nuclear technology cannot be uninvented. Only nuclear disarmament can reduce the threat of its use and it is the bigwigs like Britain and Amerika that need to set the example. That they are currently building more "second-generation" weapons at huge cost despite so-called non-proliferation treaties is an act of blatent hypocrisy. It is no good thing, but no surprise either, that the other nuclear powers want to remind us that they remain players on the stage of lunatic posturing.



Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Fewer Secrets Please

We Need Fewer Secrets

The link above is to an interesting piece in the Washington Post written by former US president Jimmy Carter.

It has been a long weekend here - hot, sunny and filled with assorted music events. Both Roger Waters and The Who performed in Hyde Park and a Brazilian Festival took place on London's South Bank. The streets between were decorated by the Pride parades on Saturday. Last night it was back to reality with a meeting of the London 911 Truth group. Comments to come in later blogs.

Today is of course Independence Day in Amerika. As they celebrate what passes for their own self-determination, let's hope more of its people pause to consider the extreme lack of "independence" they have inflicted so many others elsewhere in the world.

Two quick plugs. Richard Neville has updated his site with a piece looks at ecology and the approaching oil/water crisis. Artist Caroline Coon has a new gallery at the Saatchi website. Also, that crucial songwriter David Rovics will be back in Europe in a couple of weeks for more gigs.

So, as I gingerly approach the backlog of mail and news ...