Thursday, November 30, 2006

Quicksilver Messenger Service - NOT!

This movie covers old territoty, but so what? It never hurts to revisit the reality of 911.

The reason I found this clip was very odd. Over at YouTube I have a load of music subscriptions besides the obvious political ones. This piece got delivered to my box marked "Quicksilver Messenger Service" (a great old rock band under normal circumstances) with the subtitle claiming it was an anti-establishment song. So while I approve of spreading the word on these things, my initial reaction was one of annoyance - I'd been defrauded in following the link!

I'll stay neutral on this for now, but I suspect that pure music fans downloading this to watch may have been less than pleased about the time-wasting. Their resentment would in many ways lead them to dismiss what is actually important information - thus making the whole subterfuge pointless. But hell, I'm an old acolyte of what Richard Neville originally described as "Playpower" and maybe this is it's electronic spirit living on.

Farnaz Seyfi

A short video interview with a feminist blogger in Iran.

Last night I also attended an evening of illuminating talks at Imperial College here in London and organised by the NO2ID campaign. UK readers should check out the link regularly for latest news and events. More in Bloglines (left) too.


Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The Recovering American

I don't know who this is, but he has a nice take on addiction recovery. His challenge? Giving up Amerika!

We've sadly lost Alan Freeman, the DJ also known as "Fluff". An essential accompaniment to the soundtrack of my youth, he later went a bit metal for my taste. Still, he will be much missed and I'm astonished he was actually 79 years old - he felt a lot younger. The carnival is over, pop-pickers.

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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Brain Warehouse

Here's one for British readers who will know doubt be familiar with "Frank", the Blair regime's anti-drug propaganda machine.

"Frank" recently launched a TV campaihn against Cannabis and featuring someone visiting a "Brain Warehouse" to replace his pot-addled one. This spoof revisits the warehouse and looks at all sorts of other things the government would do to our brains. Better still, the actors will seem familiar. Nice one.


Thursday, November 23, 2006

Screwed by Bush

A rather funny video here from YouTube where a couple take the metaphor and make it reality. Risque, but harmless.

The re-org is still in progress here, just as the Imperial Homeland appears to close down for a few days holiday. News is quieter, but plenty of clicks in my bloglines link left.

The ape emporer started the proceedings by granting a "pardon" to two real-life turkeys. The animal kind - I kid you not! Exactly what they had done to be exempted from execution was unclear - but they're being sent to Disneyland instead. Poor animals - to escape death and then be condemned to a life sentence in voyeurism's fantasyland.


Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Tasered in the Library

Recent reports have been suggesting that Tasers are just as lethal as guns in certain circumstances. We can be fortunate that as yet the UK police don't carry them around out of habit.

In Amerika under the Bush Regime, people aren't so lucky. This is what happened to an innocent student in his campus library. The affair, now caught on video and publicised, is of course being "investigated" - as if that will deter the authoritarian robo-cops enforcing the whims of the dictator's nightmare doctrine. Talk about a culture of fear!


Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Iraq, Broken - American Shock & Awe

An extra bonus - tragic images with some strong music. In Amerika it seems Rummy is still mouthing-off aplenty with Iraq comments despite losing his job. Let's just hope nobody's listening anymore.


An archive clip to occupy you while I'm doing some re-organising. From the days of the "Beats". Jack Kerouac interviewed by Steve Allen who also accompanies him on piano for a poetry reading.

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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Invisible Colonization

Well, Bush has scarpered off to Vietman in an effort to make sure they don't do any against Amerikan interests. Tellingly, the White House posted his agenda with the flags of the nations we was scheduled to visit but obviously haven't woken up to the end of the vietman War. Thet thus delivered an unbelievavle insult by posting the old South Vietman flag which is pretty much tabboo in that country today. The would-be ape emporer also found time to natter with Putin in a Russian airport en route - presumably for a pep talk on what to expect from the old enemy.

Bush must be downright jealous of Blair right now - having a monarch to deliver one's words for the masses does a great deal to distract the audience. Royalists have every reason to be distraught - her majesty's mouth is not a fitting plave for Blair's ejaculate, even if it is the result of a final thrust for legacy. Just as the Bush Regime seems to have been put on a severe leash, the Prime Preacher's equilivent continues undeterred in its quest to compromise our long tradition of democracy, freedom of speech and social conscience. Almost all today's proposed legislation is conerned with drastic law and order measures which, as usual, have not been properly thought out or considered in the long term light.

Blair also also two other farewell projects to work on - who knows what debacles he'll make of them. Despite calling for Iran and Syria to help him out over the Iraq mess, he has clearly come up with nothing to address the root cause of the Islamist movement - namely the illegal occupation of Palestine. Today's video above, manages to deliver a fairly explicit description of what's going on in a clear enough way for anyone to understand. No co-incidence then that Israel's Olmert went running over to Amerika to make sure Bush wasn't about to do anything decent in the wake of his election defeat. Let';s hope the democrats manage to clean up the Israeli lobby at the same time as they try to purge the corporate ones. I won't put any bets on it, but unless Amerika starts to support UN resolutions on all international illegalities, their other foreign policy modifications will not be taken seriously on the global stage.

So, as Britain takes another "out-of-step" step toward totalitarianism and corporate governance in seeming contradiction of Blair's fanciful environmental aims, here in London I will sleep less well.

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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Prince of Pot

Following on from his election roundup the other day, "King Of Pot" Marc Emery is now interviewed by CBC TV in canada.


Sunday, November 12, 2006

Comedic Roundup & Tragic Distortion

Inevitable I guess - yet more fun and games to celebrate the election changes in Amerika. This clip is a roundup of all the best comedy sketches.

In the UK, Sir Elton John has today called for the banning of all religion. He claims it leads to hatred of gays. I would argue that most doctine promotes "absolutism" and by extension a hatred of anything or anyone that does not conform to that particular subscription.

Interesting that Elton has spoken on what is known as Rememberance Sunday. I have no objection to honouring fallen soldiers, whether indeed they were forced to fight in either a just or an unjust war. What stinks is the religious imperative that pervades the whole proceedings, thus rendering it offensive to anyone who does not subscribe the retarded mythology under which the proceedings are conducted.

At least yesterday's brief Armistice Day silence for the most part refrained from undue pomp and circumstance. Today has simply become propaganda for the official state religion.


Saturday, November 11, 2006

Rumsfeld Gets Cute At The Podium

A bit of fun for the weekend. Clearly Rummy is now unsure what to do with himself.


Friday, November 10, 2006

Where now on 911?

Here's another short clip about the enduring mysteries surrounding the events of 911.

Clearly America's new government will be able to do a lot to keep the executive ape in check, but with a lot of the new democrats swinging towards the right an emphasis is being placed on partisan co-operation. They have already compromised by agreeing not to pursue any impeachment proceedings against the would-be emporer himself (not that this is going to stop the various campaigns), so any kind of renewed oversight investigations into the events of 911 seem somewhat unlikely too.

No doubt the history books will one day reveal all, but suspicions of a "false flag" operation are bound to persist in the interim. It will be a shame if a re-focused American government, however the laudible their attempts to find solutions and new strategies for the problems we now face, choose to do so without addressing the truths of recent history wherein causes and possible crimes relating to those same problems seem to lie. A change in the fortunes and reputation of America will take some time - a policy of wiping out corruption and other crimes needs to come fast and a commitment to honesty and full investigation of the failed neo-con agenda would go a long way to repairing the damge sooner rather than later.

Transparency of governence and a less self-centred, less arrogant approach to the rest of the world, would also help counter the rising tide of both anti-American and anti-Western movements. A willingness to deal with Iran and Syria, instead of dictating to them, will be a fine start. Longer term though, the change must be a philosophical one and transcends the current imperative to simply clean up the mess they've made.

Marc Emery disects the US elections

From Pot TV (now synched via YouTube) here is Marc Emery looking at the marijuana initiative results in the US elections. Pot law reform didn't fare that well except for local law changes in some areas. Fortunately, the right to abortion and the implementation of a minimum wage fared rather better.


Thursday, November 09, 2006

Beat Finger Print Security

I've been asked to put this one up on the blog so I'm happy to oblige. As you can see, fingerprint security systems are easily broken. One wonders if our new passports and ID cards will be any less suseptible to these tricks.


Double Restraint

Democrats take control of the Senate

For the second day running the morning has brought cause for optimism. Today it's the news that the Democrats have taken the Senate without the need for a recount. Now the rabid ape is restrained by two leashes. Can we sacrifice the Dick today too?


Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Rummy Quits - 1st Neocon Nincompoop Down

Breaking news - Rumsfeld is out as Bush tries to approach the Democrats with his tail between his legs. The main victors will be invited for lunch at the White House it seems.



Democrats win House, on brink of Senate power�|�Top News�|�

I went to bed last night as reports were pouring in about all sorts of dirty tricks and faulty ballots in the great amerikan election machine. Yet, the obsticles aside, I woke up to news that the Democrats has still managed to take the House with almost double the 15 seats they were chasing. A sign maybe that the tide is turning as the homeland despairs of its incompetent emporer. We still await a recount to see if his Senate control falls too.

The elections involved more than the two principal houses of government. Local governors changed and so did some legislation on the ballot. It was a night for women too - the House now has its first ever woman speaker, Hillary Clinton swept New York, anti-abortion legislation failed to pass and the Democrats probably owe much of their success to the mobilisation of previously uninterested single female voters.

How much the testosterone-fuelled ape is tempered by all the changes remains to be seen. Just because they've put a condom on him, the rape and pillage he practices on the international stage could be just as painful for the next 2 years as it is now. Still, it's an agenda dictated by ignorance, arrogance and greed - something a newly invigorated government might have it within its power to curtail. The harder part will be to repeal the draconian legislation and appointments already in place. That will take time, but at least the prospect of John Bolton continuing at the UN will almost certainly be an early welcome casualty of the change.

Another welcome sight is the fragmentation of the religious power-base. The indications are that corruption in both government and the churches are what stirred the voters most - foeign policy, the war in Iraq and the failing economy actually played a lesser part in people's decisions. Elections are all-too-often a reflection of the sheer self-interest of modern-day western voters and less to do with conscience, idealogy or concern for the future. Yet last night it was that same self-interest of the Bush Regime and its cronies that got called into question and ended up hi-jacked by its own promotion of the same fallacy.

For five years we've been peddled a culture of fear. If the next two can halt the slide toward totalitarianism so much the better. But the real test will be the mood went Amerika next elects its executive branch - the future needs not only a change of the presidency, but also a change of the entire mindset that goes with it.


Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Eminem's Mosh

Whilst we are waiting, a rap from 2 years back by Eminem which is fitting for today. American readers - watch before you vote.


Monday, November 06, 2006

Bickering Yanks

I can't wait for this US election be be over. Take this clip - a democrat and a republican squabbling with each other, getting louder and louder until it's near impossible to hear either message as they talk over each other. Even the interviewer sounds exasperated - just listen to her voice.

Cheney will be taking election day off for his first hunting trip since shooting a colleague in the face. Maybe Bush could join him for an encore.

In the UK, it looks like Blair has finally lost his "gift of the gab". In a press conference today he was asked about the Saddam hanging sentence and managed to say he was against death sentences but at the same time pleased with the verdict. Good to see the Preacher Prime finally get his knickers in a complete twist in public.

In Canada, a poll shows that over 70% of the p[opulation want marijuana legalised. The figure rises to an astonishing 93% with regard to medical use. It runs somewhat in the face of current British and Anerikan attempts to re-demonise the herb in pursuit of their authoritarian agendas.

Also in Amerika, today we hear the republicans have been spending a fortune using robot telephony to cold-call voters throughout the continent. Using a fake pretext of opinion-polling, they have been using psy-ops to implant a "vote republican" imperative in the minds of the receivers.

Nothing will surprise me as the voting gets underway for real.


Sunday, November 05, 2006


A song by George Michael with images and clips about the subject itself. Some Bush antiquities included.


Saturday, November 04, 2006


This was "politics Czech-style - maybe Whitehall isn't that bad". I've now removed the video because it wasn't possible to stop the autoplay feature and was playing havoc with later postings. You can probably still find it here.

I've spent the week online at the Internet Governance Forum in Athens and even found one of my questions put to the security panel. I've also been trying to get to grips with some of the detail in Monday's Stern Report. As a result there hasn't been time to update this blog, although there are plenty of items in the Bloglines and Latest Clicks sections - see links at left.

There is also another slight problem recently - the updates to this blogspot are not being published immediately anymore. Other users of Blogger have reported similar problems. The lack of immediacy rather conflicts with the concept of instant publishing but maybe more disturbing is the feeling that somebody or something is screening posts prior to putting them online. On the other hand, Blogger is owned by Google - who do no evil, right? Let's hope it's just a temporary technical glitch.

With luck, normal service from this writer's point of view will now be resumed. So ...