Monday, November 06, 2006

Bickering Yanks

I can't wait for this US election be be over. Take this clip - a democrat and a republican squabbling with each other, getting louder and louder until it's near impossible to hear either message as they talk over each other. Even the interviewer sounds exasperated - just listen to her voice.

Cheney will be taking election day off for his first hunting trip since shooting a colleague in the face. Maybe Bush could join him for an encore.

In the UK, it looks like Blair has finally lost his "gift of the gab". In a press conference today he was asked about the Saddam hanging sentence and managed to say he was against death sentences but at the same time pleased with the verdict. Good to see the Preacher Prime finally get his knickers in a complete twist in public.

In Canada, a poll shows that over 70% of the p[opulation want marijuana legalised. The figure rises to an astonishing 93% with regard to medical use. It runs somewhat in the face of current British and Anerikan attempts to re-demonise the herb in pursuit of their authoritarian agendas.

Also in Amerika, today we hear the republicans have been spending a fortune using robot telephony to cold-call voters throughout the continent. Using a fake pretext of opinion-polling, they have been using psy-ops to implant a "vote republican" imperative in the minds of the receivers.

Nothing will surprise me as the voting gets underway for real.


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