Sunday, November 12, 2006

Comedic Roundup & Tragic Distortion

Inevitable I guess - yet more fun and games to celebrate the election changes in Amerika. This clip is a roundup of all the best comedy sketches.

In the UK, Sir Elton John has today called for the banning of all religion. He claims it leads to hatred of gays. I would argue that most doctine promotes "absolutism" and by extension a hatred of anything or anyone that does not conform to that particular subscription.

Interesting that Elton has spoken on what is known as Rememberance Sunday. I have no objection to honouring fallen soldiers, whether indeed they were forced to fight in either a just or an unjust war. What stinks is the religious imperative that pervades the whole proceedings, thus rendering it offensive to anyone who does not subscribe the retarded mythology under which the proceedings are conducted.

At least yesterday's brief Armistice Day silence for the most part refrained from undue pomp and circumstance. Today has simply become propaganda for the official state religion.


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