Thursday, November 30, 2006

Quicksilver Messenger Service - NOT!

This movie covers old territoty, but so what? It never hurts to revisit the reality of 911.

The reason I found this clip was very odd. Over at YouTube I have a load of music subscriptions besides the obvious political ones. This piece got delivered to my box marked "Quicksilver Messenger Service" (a great old rock band under normal circumstances) with the subtitle claiming it was an anti-establishment song. So while I approve of spreading the word on these things, my initial reaction was one of annoyance - I'd been defrauded in following the link!

I'll stay neutral on this for now, but I suspect that pure music fans downloading this to watch may have been less than pleased about the time-wasting. Their resentment would in many ways lead them to dismiss what is actually important information - thus making the whole subterfuge pointless. But hell, I'm an old acolyte of what Richard Neville originally described as "Playpower" and maybe this is it's electronic spirit living on.


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