Saturday, September 30, 2006

The day it really changed?

Sayonara to Checks and Balances?

There must be thousands of links which could serve as today's headline, so the above piece at AlterNat is just one of many that I'm reading.

It has fo course been a horrendous few days. Midweek I was in a optimistic mood and what would have been the previous posts here morphed into an article published at Op Ed News. There seems to have been an editorial glitch in the formatting, so I reprint it in full in the Undercuurent blog (see left) next week.

I was remarking on the increasing transparency of the Bush regime. Sadly, what I perceived then as a facade exposed and corruption revealed has taken on an entire new light. Or rather - a darkness!

As of Thursday, I and you, everyone on the planet, can be declared an "unlawful enemy combatant" at the whim of the Bush administration. With the right of Habeas Corpus now revoked, we have returned to pre "Magna Carta" times where one can be detained not just without charge but without the right to know why. We can all, under Amerikan law, effectively disappear without a trace and with no questions asked. Amerikan law is assumed to supercede and over-ride any other laws and the interpretation of international law is now at the sole discretion of the Amerikan president. He himself, together with his administration, are now constitutionally exempt from international law (Including the Geneva Conventions) and can pretty much do as they want with inpunity. Disclosures about the true nature of what the neo-Empire is up to are of lesser consequence - the masquerade has been replaced by imperial decree.

How this happened I'm not wholly sure. The moves to exempt Bush and pals from future war crimes prosecution were under way but contentious. The revisions to both the torture bill (and its definition) and the wiretapping provisions were being debated and looked set for a slight favourable compromise. The trap seems to have lain in the combination of legislation and the fact that some Democrats turned "traitor" and backed Bush with their votes. Some commentators are remarking that after only 6 years, Bush has effectively managed to "trash the constitution" and most are horrified it was done with such stealth.

Where this leaves Amerika's electoral process is anyone's guess. Polling will take place using electronic voting machines with known software faults that appear to exhibit a bias in favour of the Republican Party. A new "false flag" event could additionally swing a public living in fear toward a nationalistic figurehead of false benevolence. A, possibly nuclear, strike against Iran could do a similar trick. Even if Democrats made inroads into the parliaments they can effect little while Bush holds the White House. Beyond that, Bush has made changes and appointments which cannot be undone by a simple change of government.

Seeing Democrats switch sides and vote for such draconian legislation is distressing in itself, but almost worse is considering how such people would behave even if there were a change in the "flavour" of government. Bush's latest accumilated legislation could I gather be revoked by a future government - whether there's anyone left in the existing political system that could be trusted to deny themselves such absolute powers is another matter.

The world itself will probably not tolerate this for long, anymore than they did the Nazi Reich and Hitler's Europe. With the exception of their nuclear capacity, Amerika's forces are all fully deployed and the country technically bankrupt with huge debts. Defaulting on the latter and bringing back the draft could change this, but only with time. Sanctions could hit hard if applied at a time when the bully-boy remains impotent. Yet all this depends on the world waking up and seeing clearly what's going on.

The problem is here in Britain, in Australia and in the other nations that consider themselves allies of the Empire. Our own governments are blindly following Amerika's propaganda little realising its administration will betray friendships and agreements at a whim. The American people have been duped and we are becoming stupidly gullible.

For more check out OpEd News and Amy Goodman on the left. Also the "Latest Clicks" button as always.

Later. I promise. Unless I disappear!

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Given the previous posts I thought it was time for a musical treat from the archives. In happier, or at least more optimistic times, this is Bob Dylan performing "Chimes of Freedom" at the inauguration festivities for the then newly elected Bill Clinton. It should not be forgotten, that he remains the last actually "elected" person to hold the position of President - no supreme court appointment required.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

W.Jefferson Resurrected

£5000 per second for what?

The headline link about concerns the BBC paying a disgusting amount of what amounts to taxpayers money filming a "perfect" wave, or moon or whatever. The cost of this purely aesthetic excercise could surely never be justified by any commercial operation and one has to seriously question the comptetence of whoever is responsible for commissioning this.

Back in the media spotlight again comes William Jefferson Clinton. First it was jumping on the commercial potential of renewable resources with Richard Branson. Now the clip I posted yesterday has started a virtual cyberspace war amongst bloggers. And today, he's arrived in the UK to address the Blair Party conference in Manchester. The guy sure gets around.

Clinton has almost become a regular at New Labour's annual indulgance - ever since turning up to prop of Blair in the early years of his administration. It's strange how things have changed - this morning's speech seems to have centred on supporting London's mayor, Ken Livingstone, for his recent urban feats and plans. Livingstone seems to get on with Brown but his relationship with Blair has been volatile - Clinton's endorsement of his policies feels like another bucket of cement on the grave of a failed Blair.

"Going, going, but not quite gone" was the jist of Blair's own attemnpt at an epilogue. Praising Brown was effective PR but the message to his party was to continue his own strategy and offer praises to his own legacy. Arrogant to the last as he flaps around trying to keep his head above the surface for longest part of the remaining time he has left. Those who eagerly await his final burial have a few months of frustration to endure yet.

Meanwhile, commentator Richard Neville seems to have become even more disenchanted with his native Australia and in the heart of empire, the supreme ape tries to offer himself anmesty.


Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Galloway in Manchester

Respect's George Galloway attended the protests at the Blair Party conference and got nabbed by Sky News for an interview. Instead they got a lecture and the Murdock stooge couldn't get a word in. Wonderful!

For US readers, I should point out that Sky are the equivilent of Fox News in Britain - same owner, same sources, same shit! It's somehow fitting that this attempt to "package" Galloway backfired and effectively gave him a free platform to express what the greater proportion of the British public almost certainly feel too.


Legalize It!

A short little new PR flim for the movement to remove cannabis from criminal legislation. The facts speak volumes but I doubt the current invaders of Manchester will be watching it. Too busy watching their own arses, so to speak!


Monday, September 25, 2006

An Irate Ex-President

A final onslaught of dentistry has taken over here but the natterbox will be back shortly.

Meanwhile a clip of Bill Cinton's encounter with Fox News. The former commander-in-chief has meticulously avoided any downright criticism of the Bush regime for the sake of polite diplomacy but republicans (including Fox) have recently being trying the get mileage out of denigrating him. It's largely a propaganda illusion for their benefit in the impening mid-term elections, but it sounds like Clinton is finally getting rather pissed off!


Sunday, September 24, 2006

The Real Friends of Terror

Ted Honderich

Although it may come as some surprise to acolytes of the would-be-almighty Blair, Professor Honderich is considered to be Britain's leading moral philosopher. In this programme he looks behind the surface at the real roots of modern day terrorism.

Some might say it's a permanent state of affirs, but the official political masturbation season has returned with the annual party conferences following the lazy period during which most of our power-brokers are in absentia. The LibDems have just finished their's, Labour have just started on what is expected to be a rather volatile one and the Conservatives are in the final stages of plaaning their own.

Labour's is in Manchester and although the serious mouthing off doesn't really start until tomorrow, delegates have been there since yesterday. A good sign, the planned demonstration was well attened and the campaign to encourge the Prime Preacher's most rapid exit made its voice well heard.

The footage about is just some of it. Nice one!


Friday, September 22, 2006

Chavez at UN

Alright - I just have to post it for prosterity here. This is the most complete version of Hugo Chavez address to the UN I can find and ironically it's copied from a Fox News broadcast.

With impeccable timing, it now begins to look as if Bush's relations with so-called ally Pakistan may be faultering badly with revelations that "bully-boy" tactics were used to enforce it in the first place. Bush purports to be "confused" on the matter!


Thursday, September 21, 2006

Week of the Lesser-Spotted Players

The Importance of Being Ahmadinejad & Chavez

The above links to a short blog at Huffington Post.

It is a week dominated by the general assembly at the UN and almost feels like a temporary step out of time. Astonishingly, almost all the world's local leaders are currently standing together on Amerikan soil and delivering short 15 minute speeches - many of which the empire is less than eager to hear. With the orators confined to strict time limits one might be inclined to feel there is some semblance of true democracy here - in a sense there is, but it is largely an exchange of PR messages rather than any constructive attempt at finding common ground for the good of the planet.

The only really strident speech was from Kofi Annan himself. This will be his last address as Secretary General and he took the opportunity to warn the assembly that there is no place for appeasement where a huge act of genocide is looming. Whether there is a will to stop it, let alone some kind of consensus on how to go about it, remains to be seem.

The assembly almost seems like an international version of a British party conference. A time for the smaller voices to take the stage with equal prominence to the established elite. Plenty of rhetoric in an otherwise sedated environment.

Despite last week's attempts by the Bush administration to severely restrict visas for the contingents of countries it didn't approve of, the emporer's behaviour this week is such that we are probably meant to believe he has discovered the art of diplomacy. Unfortunately, he was clearly reciting a pre-prepared speech with more holes in it than a good swiss cheese. Of most note was his seeming re-definition (again!) of his "war against whatevers" as a battle betwwen "moderation" and "extremeism". If he's said that 5 years ago it might have had some credence - today it is pure hypocrisy and the antithesis of his stance on just about everything.

That was Monday and yesterday Venezuala's Hugo Chavez claimed he could still smell the sulpher on the podium. Much has been made of this likening Bush to "The Devil" but, tellingly, the remark seemed to generate rather a lot of muted amusement on the audience floor. The newly "humble" Bush was in the "Lion's Den" and for once he knew it!

France's Chrirac began the week tyring to make his own presence felt but clearly could not make up his mind whose side he was on in dealing with the issue of Iran. As a result, he took on the appearance of a "flipping coin" and was soon largely forgotten.

Iran's own president followed a couple of hours behind Bush on Monday. He didn't note whether whether the smell of sulpher was upsetting him, but did pose a very rational question - whether a permanent member of the security council was using its privilaged position to pursue its own ends in direct contradiction of the UN constitution itself. You don;t have to like or approve of this guy to realise than an answer needs to be forthcoming on that point.

Blair doesn't seem to have made it to New York yet. No doubt he'll get to preach some kind of "farewell lesson" at a later point.

In other news, we have heard confirmation of the innocence of a Canadian citizen sent to Syria by the Amerikans for an extended spell of torture. The subsequent debate has given rebirth to the definition of torture itself, the reliability of "undertakings" by foreign governments who practice it and the casual implementation of "extraordinary rendition" in pursuit of interrogation. Less attention has been paid to the fact that Syria is an "enemy" while the Lebanon battles rage and a "friend" when it comes to incarcaration of alleged terrorists.

Can Amerika make its mind up on anything? No attention at all as been given to what I consider the most obvious question of all. Forgetting rationale, definitions and other excuses, if not for convert and illegal treatment, what other purpose at all could be served by exporting a prisoner to Syria in the first place?

Bogus Report & Lingering Questions

The 911 anniversary is becoming slow to fade. We should probably be grateful for in the atmosphere of renewed interest, new material is beginning to surface.

Following on from the previous piece, this clip is a more technical look at construction and how all the evidence points to something very different from the "official" story we've been peddled.

False Flag Operations

According the polls, near on one-third of the Amerikan population believe that Bush and the White House in in some manner or other complicit in the events of 911. Not that we'd realise it from the reporting of the mainstream media.

This extract from a speech by author Barrie Zwicker takes that as its starting point. His book, "Towers of Deception" tells more.


Monday, September 18, 2006

Pussy-footing on a perceived threat?

Firms Vie to Provide the Future of Border Security

As a science-fiction fan, the idea of robot drones circumnavigating the borders of the Amerikan Homeland has a certain fascination about it. But that's just one of the proposals hinted at in the Washington Post summary of the fighting between corporations trying to win the government's tender for perimeter security.

Whether or not there was any real threat to Amerika at the time ofthe events 5 years ago is uncertain. Conspiracy theorists would have us believe there may have been none and that the whole affair was engineered as an excuse for imperial pursuits. Either way, subsequent actions by the Bush administration have ensured that a real threat now exists - which makes the delay in securing the borders of the world's cesspool rather absurd.

I suspect the methodology of the final implementation will have nothing to do with what is discussed here. The final contract will probably go to the corporation in which the Bush-Cheney cartel have the most vested personal interest. After all, there is a precedent with recent military sub=contracts and the rebuilding programme (???) for Iraq.

Conspiracies or not, one of the enduring questions about the collapse of the Twin Towers is that their fall was clearly helped along by some previously planted "controlled demolition" devices. This link to Bush's Speech in the White House Rose Garden the other day is curious indeed - a reference to such activity is made around 8 paragraphs down. A slip up? The ape emperor's ineptitude is actually making him the star in most of the Democrat's election broadcasts.

In Brtiain, the Prime Preacher's waif, Cherie Blair, has been let off the hook for an act of violence perpetrated aginst an innocent teenager who made "faces" at her. Yo ho! Methinks she should reserve such actions for her husband's habit of sniffing imperial ass!

At least we now know they'll both be history within the year.


Saturday, September 16, 2006

That's Bush

Well, with the exception of John Stewart's Daily Show, we don't get Comedy Central here in Britain. So it's down to the web archives for some little gems like this. Th first episode sets the scene - more to come soon.

Real Motives

An extract from acclaimed journalist Greg Palast's recent ivestigation into the Bush family. As he points out, for this dynasty, "Oil is Thicker than Blood". Mind you, the blood on the ground is running very thick indeed sice the energy magnates embarked on their plan for world domination.


Message from Billy

This is a quick message from musician and social commentator Billy Bragg. Before going interactive with MTV, take heed.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Net Neutrality

Senator Ted Kennedy is a Democrat and a vitual institution as sole surviving politician in one of America's legendary families. Clearly he wants to keep his job and this clip is a campaign piece aimed at the American audience, Somehow I doubt if his position in the senate is in much jeopardy but he addresses an important issue which should be of cocern to all of us outside America too.

I have a permanent link to Free The Internet (left) which is essentially the campaign to keep the world's foremost information highway open and democratic, despite moves by governments and corporations to hi-jack it for means of propaganda and greed, Kennedy addresses the issue in a concise manner and the reach of his words deserve to be heard by a wider audience than his own electorate.

Listen well!


Back to 911 here with a newly discovered and extremely good ariel photo taken after the alleged attack on the Pentagon. So where the hell is the plane? Food for thought methinks!
eTV Picture Post

Collusion or Collison?

Tehran and Washington in Baghdad

A fascinating piece above at Op Ed News. Essentially it's about Iraq and the mixed signals coming from both the US and Iran. On the one hand there seems some commonality of purpose, on the other hand both are posturing in the nuclear stand-off. Highly confusing.

In another piece, also at Op Ed,it is proposed that a "culture of fear" is now descending on the White House itself. About time!

Largely unheard of here in Britain, Ann Richards was a leading Democrat voice in Texas. There's an obituary at Washington Post, but best of all are the clips of her speeches featured in a tribute on the Amy Goodman (see link left) programme at Democracy Now. Somehow she made utterly hilarious talks that were otherwise of a serious nature. Obviously a remarkable woman.

Britain's beleagured Labour Party remains unable to kick Blair out with any haste, so it's buried ther hatchet temporarily and focus its attention on resident rebel, Clare Short. They want her gone for continually opposing government policy, despite her highly effective work as a former cabinet minister responsible for overseas development. If anyone was worthy of standing for the party leadership with a clean conscience it would have been her. Her planned expulsion will put paid to that - maybe she could "cross the house" to the Lib Dems whilst still a serving MP and put a real spoke in the works.


Thursday, September 14, 2006

Mass Lone Protest

Mark Thomas

The "Mass Lone Protest" is an intruiging idea which effectively gets round the laws preventing demonstrations in or around London's parliament. In essence, large numbers of people can turn up to make their voices heard providing that, as individuals, they are there to demonstrate against something that equally individually takes their fancy. Thus, 1000 personal protests inadvertantly become a not-a-mass protest of 1000 participants. Confused?

Image a "No 2 ID" gathering. Everybody would support the campaign, but each indivdual would be protesting one particular facet of the legislation and would be a "lone" representative for that "sub-campaign".

The link to Mark Thomas above tells more. The Guardian newspaper describes Mark as "John Pilger with laughs" - good enough for me.

Marianne Faithfull

The sad news today that Marianne is suffering from breast cancer leads me to put up this classic as a tribute. "As Tears Go By" - Enjoy.

There's also another clip in my media blog - see link left.

It had to happen. If you followed yesterday's link to the Michael Dickinson gallery, one of them has gone missing. It was a response to the old "Tyrant In His Underpants" gutter press headline showing Saddam Hussein in some very American looking y-fronts! Micheal's response was an image of Bush with no pants at all and Webshots mailed me this morning to say it had been removed, ostensively on lines of nudity. Since it was censored previously, I'm more inclined to think the White House may have a "watch list" on this particular item.

Another picture, although not from that set, has got Michael into trouble in Turkey where I think he is still under arrest. As a British citizen, he'll probably get out soon, but it's bad news when artists can't express themselves freely.


Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Cutting Images

Slide show of Michael Dickinson artwork
Michael Dickinson

The above links to a selection of collages by Michael Dickinson which I've archived above since some of them have been censored elsewhere. I consider them excellent and relevant, so would hate to see them disappear. You can also find some direct links to Michael at my archives site (see left). Press picture to go direct to show or link for index page.


Tuesday, September 12, 2006

No Disney, Just reality

Putting the politics aside, this wonderful humanitarian movie from director Steve Rodenbaum collects together work from over 30 New York film-makers who shot footage in the aftermath of 911.

This is certainly more worthy viewing than the mix of fiction and propaganda we got from Disney and ABC. Given the controversy, I was surprised that BBC2 had the audacity to broadcast it here in Britain over the weekend.

Yesterday's Amy Goodman broadcast (see link left) also made a refreshing change. Her 911 coverage featured an in-studio discussion between the creators of the "Loose Change" conspiracy theories movie and the editors of "Popular Mechanics". A lively debate, interspersed with footage from the film. It should be in the archives at her link.


Mega-Dick goes for Maggie

September 11th Revisited

OK. That's a cheap headline, but it's curious that Cheney chose our very own Iron Lady as his date for yesterday's proceedings. Odder still that Blair himself didn't attend - he seemed keen enough to run away from his domestic problems, but ran headlong into a far-from-welcoming reception in Beruit. Maybe all this "middle-man meddling" means he's now regarded as an obselete tool by Amerika. No wonder the timing for his opponent, the conservative's David Cameron, to speak up about some tactical disassociation with the dark empire.

The main headline link above leads to a compelling photo retrospective of the 911 Aftermath by the photographers at the Magnum agency. The images speak the proverbial thousand words, but in this case the commentary by the photo-journalists themselves reveals a lot more.

The author is enduring yet more denistry. It's had me a bit distracted, so forgive the lack of extended comment here recently.


Monday, September 11, 2006

Rememberence Day

It is of course, five years to the day since the attacks on New York and elsewhere in Amerika. The hole in the skyline is still obvious as this picture from the New York Times illustrates. See latest clicks for various artciles about the commemoration, the long-term after effects on the world and the outrage over the ABC-Disney "fabricated" documentary which has also, alarmingly, been screened in the UK too.
eTV Picture Post

Friday, September 08, 2006

We don't need this education (aka. thought control)

Eat The Press - No-go path to 911

The imperial spin machine may be working overtime, but more and more see through the propaganda. I've just finished watching Amerika's highly-hyped new (1st) female news anchor, Katie Couric, interviewing Bush on CBS and sickeningly lapping up every word. Dubya does is his best appear the benevolent "good guy" but never forget that the White House definitions of "torture" and "war crimes" are at huge variance with those of common man and woman. Misinterpretation and self-delusion can best be described here has a permission to perpetrate what the rest of us would call "lies".

Ever watchful of such documentaries, I had been looking forward to watching "The Path to 911" which airs on BBC in the UK this weekend. Like most, I suppose I'd been suckered by the trailers. By all reports it is a propaganda fraud "rife with conservative misformation". Congratulations then, to Amerika's educational giant, Scholastic, who have withdrawn from schools all the academic support materials that had been distributed to accompany the series. See the headline link above.

As the imperial spin becomes an evermore complex web of deceit, it's tangled structure is what now becomes opaque. So highly visible, it is ever easier to tear it aside and regain true transparency of view. Compulsive liars build a tapestry of untruths that becomes their own nightmare to maintain. Eventually, the holes in the fabric bring about their own downfall. Maybe Bush (and,indeed,Blair) are about the learn this lesson the hard way.


Thursday, September 07, 2006

A rather interesting graphic that has somehow escaped from the Amerikan Department of State.
eTV Picture Post

Leadership Compromised

A Day of Drama

Writing last yesterday morning, I wondered if I was going out on a limb. Yet, as the day progressed, the shit really did hit the proverbial fan! This summary courtest of the Indpendent (above) tries to pull it all together.Also, over at the Guardian, some wonder whether the preacher is actually hanging on because he really doesn't want Brown to take over the job.

Robert Fisk is a major international correspondant for the aforementioned Indpendent newspaper here in Britain. Based in the Lebanon, his reports have obviously been in focus of late. Having just visited Amerika to address an islamic conference, Amy Goodman pulled him aside for an extensive and enlightening interview. Catch up with it at Democracy Now.

The following is something I wrote for OpEd last week. Their exclusive has now run out, so here it is for the record...

The Permissive Society.

It is a phrase that has slipped into obscurity recently - possibly beacause it is wholly incompatible with the climate of fear in which we are increasingly forced to live. The expression was, in so far as I remember, coined by the mainstream in the late 1960s to describe the changing sexual and other social mores of a world increasingly influenced by the counter-culture of those days. It implicitly suggests an environment of "permission granted" for the freedom to live our lives as we want. It is a banner I would hold high!

There are riders of course. There are laws that do and should exist to protect us from mavericks who would otherwise infringe upon that freedom or do us harm. But no law is worth its salt when it ceases to serve the common interest - legislation that suppresses minority views would be a case in point, having no validity once its target achieves the status of "significant minority". Minorities can grow, and when repressed, have an unfortunate habit of evolving into majorities. Then, the farce of authoritarianism becomes truely apparant.

We are given to believe that Bush has been learning to read recently. Whether he has the intellectual capacity to interpret what he consumes is open to debate! Nonetheless, back in 1993 the author Myron Magnet published a book called "The Dream & The Nightmare". It is a mis-guided but horrifically intelligent tome which virtually condemned the "permissive society" in every way. Even before he seized the White House, the then Texas governor Bush is quoted on it's cover ...

"This book crystallized for me the impact the failed culture of the 1960s had on our values and society. It helped create dependency on government, undermine family and erode values which which have stood the test of time - which are critical if we want a decent and hopeful tomorrow for every single American."

Clearly he had good copywriters even back then. The book was described as his "road map", second only to the christians' "bible". In other place and time, Bush could equally have been a devotee of the islamic "koran" - such is the imperative of seeking a mission in a soulless void. The fact that he was entering into denial of his own hedonistic, drug-induced, "permissive" past made his transformation into zealot all the more tragic. Yet all the more compelling to the legions of manipulatable consumers ready to follow his doctine. That his own fortunes were themselves to become engineered by others is another story.

In the new Amerikan dark age, "permissions" are no longer granted by society - they are granted by Bush and others in authority, whilst simultaneously dictating an ethic of "non-dependency" on government itself. Talk about having your cake and eating it! The result is an astonishing polarisation in both cultural imperative and individual prospects for self-empowerment. The social divide in Amerika is a calamity, but the imperial pursuit of self-interest on the global stage has threatened the freedom of those elsewhere.

Dissent is in many ways relative. In a "permissive" society it communicates itself with language and protest. In a world where "permissions" are denied, it resorts to more desparate measures. Extremism on one side breed extremism on the other. Fundamentalism feeds its fundamentist counterpoint. It is the stuff of wars and social regression, where reactionary response simply fuels the "enemy" - whether within or without. As the Amerikan administration refuses to communicate with those others who do not subscribe to its own narrow-minded worldview and pursuit of self interest, it should not be surprised when it finds itself up against a wall. A wall with equally adamant "hostiles" on the other side.

Yet here is the new dilemma. The "wall" no longer protects an entrenched, defensive opposition. It hides another absolute which is, to all extents and purposes, a mirror image of the other side. This is the "commonality" I refer to. The christian-led bloc is much the same as the islamic-led bloc. Maybe the zionist-led enclave too. The new relgious wars disguise the similarity of purpose on all sides. It is the quest for dwindling resources and the greed of intransient self-interest on all sides. It has been triggered by exploitation of one by the other and an increasly exagerated interpretation of "tit-for-tat".

Which side you're on now depends largely on where you are lucky or unlucky enough to be located - whose doctrine you are stuck with. One thing's for sure - the "permissive society" seems to be the self-defined enemy of all the new dictators and where it still exists, is becoming eroded by stealth. The media maintains the illusion while governments engineer the mechanics to stifle it. It matters little where you live in the world these days - personal freedoms are under threat and we must work to gain or retain them.

For free-thinking people everywhere, that should be our cause. The real "commonality" of course.


Wednesday, September 06, 2006

What to do with the drunken failiure?

Stubborn Blair

The Indepedent above, have their take on the news that all the papers share today.

In the best analysis, by those who know him well, Blair is "Drunk with Power". Like Margaret Thatcher before him, the Prime Preacher has retreated into a private world of delusion far beyond the pale. The neo-dictatorship of the Iron Lady came to an end thanks to built-in mechanisms within her own party which facilitated disposal of an obselete leader. Sadly, Blair's party have no such safeguards to prevent their incumbant leader wandering off into cloud-cuckoo-land.

Were such a person as Blair exibiting this kind of behaviour as an ordinary citizen inter-acting (or lack of it) within everyday society, he would most likely have been "sectioned" under the Mental Health Acts. Allowed to run wild, he is certainly a danger to the greater good.

Much is made of this latest long-overdue rebellion de-stabilising the Labour Party, but the pundits are probably missing the point. Everyday the party struggles with its uncontrollable leader, the greater it is damaged. The need to remedy the situation quickly is paramount - however messy.

The British, including Labour Party members and voters, are fed up with being dragged into calamity after calamity by a managing director who has become little more than a slave to the Amerikan Empire. Acknowleging his tenure will end at some vague future point is not enough - effective administration requires finality and renewal. Blair's complacent mind-set has moved to a place where acknowledging this apparantly impossible.

For the good of the country, maybe Labour need to put partisan politics aside for a moment and bring a vote of no confidence into the greater parliament. Whether the opposition would lend themselves to such a motion of course is debatable.. In many ways, the greater interests of the LibDems and Conservatives are best served by a continuance of the current blinded regime.

Meanwhile the party conference season approaches. Could be fun! Could be tragic! We'll see.


Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Words from history

A late night flashback in time to some memorable words from a very different Amerikan era than what we face today. A JFK Speech on Secret Societies and Freedom of the Press which are, it seems, all but forgotten by those in power these many decades later.

A "Folk" Legend

Pete Seeger Interview

After last night's plug for David Rovics, it's pure co-incidence I'm still with music this morning.

Although I confess that a religious undercurrent puts me off some of Pete Seeger's work, there is no doubting his conviction, sincerity and vision. Amy Goodman (permanent link left) devotes this morning's "War On Peace" report to a fascinating interview which you should check out even if you don't watch/listen to the regular programme. Morning UK time means it was last night's broadcast in the US, but the above link should load the exact show.

Seeger was also brought back to our attention recently with the release of a Bruce Springsteen tribute session - covers of Seeger songs with we tend to call "Folk" music but he simply refers to as "Old Time" songs. The vast majority are also "Protest" pieces from down the years and in discussing history, Seeger reveals plenty of parallels for modern times.


Monday, September 04, 2006

Singer songwriter David Rovics performing at a Climate Change Demonstration here at the US Embassy in London last year. His new album is now available and makes for essential listening. See below.
eTV Picture Post

Haliburton Boardroom Massacre

David Rovics

Just a very quick plug today for the new album by our favourite contemporary minstral, David Rovics. "Halliburton Boardroom Massacre" is his latest collection of mostly politcally-driven work and you can listen to the invidual tracks online at the link above.

The CD is on sale at all good music stores worldwide so do yourself and him a favour by buying one. If your local doesn;t have it, they can order it throught Caroline Distribution (EMI). David is well known for his free performances in good causes,besides his willingness to give away his music. He could really use your support through proper CD royalties.


Sunday, September 03, 2006

Fiction Fright

What if Bush really was assassinated?

Heck, it's barely 24 hours since news broke about our little "Bush Assassination" movie. Channel Four haven't even aired it yet, but the Amerikan Republican Party are already up in arms about it. The above lead is from our Daily Mail. (Not be to confused with the "Daily Mal" listed at left!)

More at OpEd and The Guardian.

The New York Times reveals that there has been A Record Opium Harvest in Afghanistan on a day when we have just had a major troop loss amongst those of our forces deployed to stomp the industry out. Does anybody other than Blair actually think anything is being achieved here?

See also "Commonalities?" at OpEd.


Saturday, September 02, 2006

Clash of Civilisations?

The Clash of Civilizations Doesn't Exist... Yet

This link is for an article by Joshua Holland at AlterNet. It is on a similar theme to something I wrote earlier for OpEd (see left) in that it draws parallels between all sides in current global conflicts.

The Washington Post also ave an interesting piece on James Lovelock - the often accredited originator of Gaia theory.

Bush will be assassinated next year! At least that's the plot of a film to be broadcast by Channel 4 here in Britain this Autmun. Another upcoming film, (on BBC I think) stars Helen Mirren as our real-life Queenie. Controversial already for depicting a reigning monarch, it is her relationship with Blair and her behaviour over Diana's death which is generating most interest.


Friday, September 01, 2006

Imperial Idiot Rallies the Ignorant

Bush Speech Links Iraq War And Nazis

Too dumb to think it up for himself, Bush has been quick to take up Rumsfeld's linkage between the Iraq War and Nazi Germany, little realising that fascism is alive and unwell in the form of his own administration.

The tour of course is designed to bolster support ready for the 911 anniversary and the mid-term elections which follow soon after. Like the visit to New Orleans, it's all carefully choreographed - speeches delivered in "friendly" environments with selected audiences and cameras locked on the symbols of implied authority. In New orleans, the cameras scanned a couple of feet short of the devastation in the background and here in Utah the Amerikan Legion listened passively as no hint of the nearby protesters was allowed.

The message is devoid of meaning, let alone sense, but the packaging is paramount. As formerly compliant Democrats endure the birth-pangs of re-learning how to express themselves, dissenting voices are suddenly stifled in an onslaught of propaganda designed solely to suggest "they" are "friends" of the never clearly defined enemy and, as such, are unfit spokesmen for the supreme nation.

It is all illusion, but all the more dangerous for that. His ratings may be at an all-time low and trust in his administration very hard to find, but Bush is adpept at one thing - playing the dumbed-down populist card with intellectually-challenged middle Amerika. By manipulating the media machine to deny the credibility of any challengers, Cheney, Rumsfeld and the other puppeteers present Bush as the sole saving grace of heavily-disguised futile pursuit.

Believing the spin and blind to the alternatives, the obidient neo-religious and neo-conservatives masses will be minded to opt for a continuence of the status quo. That is the real danger - a theatrical fraud perpetrated in self-interest by a failed presidency.

It is a scam that any free-thinking, sensible person would decry without hesitation. One can only hope that enough such individuals remain in Amerika to render this appalling performance pointless.


Political Pulp

Jarvis Cocker

A quick link here courtesy of a tip at Chris Schmoo's blog (see left) for former "Pulp" frontman, Jarvis Cocker. His new single is playing at his My Space site above and it's called "Running The World". The refrain actually goes "The cunts are still running the world" so I doubt it will get too much radio airplay whether the title is self-censored or not!