Thursday, September 14, 2006

Marianne Faithfull

The sad news today that Marianne is suffering from breast cancer leads me to put up this classic as a tribute. "As Tears Go By" - Enjoy.

There's also another clip in my media blog - see link left.

It had to happen. If you followed yesterday's link to the Michael Dickinson gallery, one of them has gone missing. It was a response to the old "Tyrant In His Underpants" gutter press headline showing Saddam Hussein in some very American looking y-fronts! Micheal's response was an image of Bush with no pants at all and Webshots mailed me this morning to say it had been removed, ostensively on lines of nudity. Since it was censored previously, I'm more inclined to think the White House may have a "watch list" on this particular item.

Another picture, although not from that set, has got Michael into trouble in Turkey where I think he is still under arrest. As a British citizen, he'll probably get out soon, but it's bad news when artists can't express themselves freely.


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