Friday, September 08, 2006

We don't need this education (aka. thought control)

Eat The Press - No-go path to 911

The imperial spin machine may be working overtime, but more and more see through the propaganda. I've just finished watching Amerika's highly-hyped new (1st) female news anchor, Katie Couric, interviewing Bush on CBS and sickeningly lapping up every word. Dubya does is his best appear the benevolent "good guy" but never forget that the White House definitions of "torture" and "war crimes" are at huge variance with those of common man and woman. Misinterpretation and self-delusion can best be described here has a permission to perpetrate what the rest of us would call "lies".

Ever watchful of such documentaries, I had been looking forward to watching "The Path to 911" which airs on BBC in the UK this weekend. Like most, I suppose I'd been suckered by the trailers. By all reports it is a propaganda fraud "rife with conservative misformation". Congratulations then, to Amerika's educational giant, Scholastic, who have withdrawn from schools all the academic support materials that had been distributed to accompany the series. See the headline link above.

As the imperial spin becomes an evermore complex web of deceit, it's tangled structure is what now becomes opaque. So highly visible, it is ever easier to tear it aside and regain true transparency of view. Compulsive liars build a tapestry of untruths that becomes their own nightmare to maintain. Eventually, the holes in the fabric bring about their own downfall. Maybe Bush (and,indeed,Blair) are about the learn this lesson the hard way.


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