Tuesday, September 05, 2006

A "Folk" Legend

Pete Seeger Interview

After last night's plug for David Rovics, it's pure co-incidence I'm still with music this morning.

Although I confess that a religious undercurrent puts me off some of Pete Seeger's work, there is no doubting his conviction, sincerity and vision. Amy Goodman (permanent link left) devotes this morning's "War On Peace" report to a fascinating interview which you should check out even if you don't watch/listen to the regular programme. Morning UK time means it was last night's broadcast in the US, but the above link should load the exact show.

Seeger was also brought back to our attention recently with the release of a Bruce Springsteen tribute session - covers of Seeger songs with we tend to call "Folk" music but he simply refers to as "Old Time" songs. The vast majority are also "Protest" pieces from down the years and in discussing history, Seeger reveals plenty of parallels for modern times.


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