Wednesday, March 15, 2006

The Ides o' March

Amateur Hour

The above is a legal editorial at CBS examing the appalling mess Amerika has made of it prosecution of an alleged 911 conspirator. Today's update and the full setback is reported in full here.

It is a day for the courts. In Iraq, Saddam's trial continues to deteriorate as he takes the stand, in Amerika Google are still battling the goverment and the Senate have lashed into the merger policies and massive profits of the big oil companies.

In the UK my calender has just remined me that 66 year old Patricia Tabram, otherwise known as the campaigner "Cannabis Gran" is in Newcastle Crown Court today where she has opted to stand trail before a jury on grounds of cultivating the controversial herb. We wish her luck.

Drugs are also in the news here as an experiment by the pharmaceutical industry in six human guinea pigs has gone very seriously wrong. Outrage all round of course, but less serious cases like this happen all too frequently and are reported equally infrequently.

In the commons, there will be the vote on Blair's flagship education bill. The number of labour rebels is still an unknown but most concede the government will get its way through the backing of the Tory opposition. If those votes make the difference in the final tally, it will actually be a defeat for Blair as party leader. In any event, there will be a serious obsticle course in store, since the Tories will oppose a second bill concerning the timetable for implementing the first. Ah - the fun and games of Parliament!


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