Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Forked tounge methinks

Bush Battles Back On Iraq

The above link leads to more information and video on the Bush speech. Now my regular linking engine seems to be working again I'll try to recreate what went missing earlier.

For news about Richard Neville's attempt to create a satire site based on his recent script=writing for the Australian premier, he writes ...


The domain name, johnhowardpm.org, is hosted by Melbourne IT. In less than 36 hours of its launch, following 10,500 visits to the site, the plug was pulled. By who? On what grounds? It took three days for Melb IT to make contact with me and help lift the veils of confusion. After receiving a phone call from Greg Williams of the People, Resources & Communications Division at the Department of the Prime Minister & Cabinet, Melb IT put the domain name on HOLD, where it remains. This domain cannot be transferred to another, more resilient host, for 60 days. In addition to the complaint from John Howard’s office, Melbourne IT said they had received calls from THREE Federal Police, and provided the name of an agent from the Australian High Tech Crime Centre. As far as I know, my passport has not met the same fate as my domain name."

For more, see Richard's Website.

Here, it's a return to the news for HRH His Dissidentness Prince Charles. He feels the pain of terrorism as he is awarded for promoting Islam in Egypt and reckons his predictions have come true. We are also warned of a looming constitutional crisis as the House of Lords reject the government's ID card proposals for the 4th time!

In the US, thousands turned out for the anti-war concert in New York at the weekend while in strangely hidden news, Congress have put a stop to building permanent bases in Iraq. Maybe there's still spunk in them yet.

It seems that looted valuable relics from Afghanistan have been turning up in London antiques markets. Some other shady trading is revealed as nude photos of unsuspecting members of the public are being sold after being culled from surveillance tapes by police personnel.

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