Thursday, March 02, 2006

Booth's Boot 2 Bush Backside

Cherie steps into row over torture of terror accused

Cherie Booth, the legal-minded spouse of our increasingly unbeloved Prime Preacher, has popped up to express her views on human rights again. A definate snub to Bush and not exactly good news for her husband either as the above link reveals. There's more coverage in the Independent too.

Talking of mouths in high places, our very own HRH The "Dissident" Charlie is revealed as having launched a "three-pronged attack on the government" in today's Times.

Elsewhere, the US military are to use brain implants to turn sharks into spies and possibly weapons. Any excuse to avoid getting their own hands dirty I guess!

Amerika also seems concerned about an invasion. This time it's from Britain's leading supermarket chain, Tesco. For once their paranoia may be justified - not that their own WalMart chain set any better example.


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