Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Strange Contradictions

News from Iran

Yesterday I mentioned Britain's Channel 4 network. This week their news team are reporting from Iran and the above link leads to their blog. Their reports add to the wealth of intruige about what's going on.

Fresh from posturing about how naughty Iran's nuclear ambitions are, the Ape Emperor added to the fray yesterday by claiming Iran was also supplying weapons and covert help to the insurgency in neighbouring Iraq. Yet it also seems that Iran's fondness for the game of basketball is fostering unlikely friendships with Americans and the news that both the Washington and Bagdad governments have been working behind-the-scenes to engage Iran as a mediator in their own dilemma suggests that the mainstream media have only been reporting one side of the story. Indeed, Amerika's choice of Iran as a possible intermediary with Iraq is another snub to Britain who normally facilitate communications between those countries.

As usual these days, the United Nations seem to be left out of the loop on all this as Kofi Annan focuses his attention on the "outsourcing" of its global operations for better future effectiveness. Threats to refer Iran to its Security Council don't exactly sound hollow, but that council is comprised of the world's elite power-brokers and they no longer represent the interests of any other nations than themselves. The council is little more than a world trade cartel who want no new members as they dominate the affairs of our planet.

Imperial decrees from Amerika are beginning to sound like calls to take some vague moral highway to nowhere. Their avowed intent is belied by a shortage of miliary strength and fiscal bankruptcy. It's even suggested that the corporate prostitute Amerika calls its president will veto any attempt to block the sale of ports to Dubai. Why? Kickbacks of course, including the United Arab Emirates allowing and contributing to superficially massive airforce deployments in Iran's backyard. Middle Amerika won't complain about surgical air strikes and other "hands-off" forays provided there are no more casualties with troops on the ground. "Colateral Damage" is fine - so long as it is at the enemy's cost.

The Emirates will become like Germany in the days of the cold war. An ever present bastion of dubious authority with which to keep the opposition in check. It will be a decade or more before Iran could amass nuclear weaponary, even if that is it's intent. With an ever-watchful outpost across the water, such intent will be hindered further. But Amerika could lose all. Israel will be happy.

Amerika also has its eyes on what it thinks is an Islamist Terror Enclave in South America and it seems the FBI have interfered with the Scottish justice system. All this from a nation whose dependency on psychiatric drugs has all the symtoms of creating mass insanity.

Two obituaries - the music world has lost Ali Farka Toure whose talent best reflected the bridge between Africa music and early American blues and social photography has lost Gordon Parks.

Two online media gems have shown up. Google have 80 minutes on the 911 cover-up while YourTube have found a lost Fox News item on the Israeli connection with that same event. NYT have a programme on Treating HIV in South Africa and Newgrounds offer a bit of light relief with a retelling of the Little Red Riding Hood story.


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