Friday, August 18, 2006

Way Ahead

Hezbollah Is Way Ahead

This short piece (above) makes a point. Buntly! The shooting war may be over for now, but Hezbollah are rapidly taking charge in the Media War and Aid War. Lebanon is devastated and nobody else seems to be rushing in to clean up and rebuild. Whoever, if indeed anyone, won on the violence front is almost immaterial. The failure of any other parties to move in and help with the rebuilding and sanitisation is doing nothing except enhance the prestige of Hezbollah - Amerika, in particular, has scored an "own goal".

It is speculation of course, but one assumes that if the Lebanon war had all gone according to plan, Hezbollah would no longer be around to be seen and Amerika would be leading the international community in in what would ostensibly be a massive recovery operation. That agenda ould have involved "aid" but in the form of contracts awarded to corporations with vested interests. A US presence and permission to construct a cross-country oil pipeline would no doubt have been integral in the plan.

Some claim recent events were no more than a "test run" for operational tactics to be used against Iran - which is territory required at the other end of the aforementioned pipeline. If so, this halt in unfinished proceedings is a major blow for the perpetrator of the 21st Century resource wars. In the present staemate, any aid they offered would have to be uncompromised and that does not serve their interests. Yet their failure to engage in reconstruction has in many ways damaged them even more.

It is hard to say who won this war - if anyone. It is far easier to identify who lost it - the forces of greed, deception and domination. Exactly where that leaves us is anyone's guess.

More on Hezbollah from Robert Fisk. More on Iran;s ties with them from In These Times. More on Syria, who are "piggy-in-the-middle" of all this at Raw Story.


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