Wednesday, August 16, 2006

A new crime a day helps Blair work rest and play

Rampant Law-Making

Britain's Independent newspaper has been busy doing some accounting and reveals that over 3000 new criminal offences have been created by our Prime Preacher since he took power. This equates with one for each day he's been in Downing Street.The dear leader's totalitarian tendencies have long since become obvious, but the math here surprised even this writer.

One of the biggest problems with the British legal system (although a boon to professionals who work in the field) is the sheer volume of legislation we live with. As new laws are passed and imposed, rarely does any older legislation get revoked. Judicial process thus involves a veritable minefield of antiquated statutes and other paperwork which frequently prolong trials and other court cases well beyond the reasonable time a fair decision requires. Aspirations toward dictatorship aside, Blair has frequently claimed the need to simplify this process. Ironic then that he should have compounded it with his own legacy.

Ironic too, that within the vast archives are buried laws that would, if anyone had the financial power to pursue them, severely censure his own behaviour. Justice prevails? Not on this watch.


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