Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Edgar Broughton Band

A little late night diversion here.

Back when I was a teenage drop-out, this band were like heroes to me. Their drummer, Steve broughton has been kicked out of my school for having hair that touched his ears and even in my schooldays there was many a midnight jaunt over the playing fields to attend one of their local gigs. Some of us belonged to the military cadet corp,( a very English public school thing) and carrying our uniforms in a bag it was pretty easy to get lifts hitch-hiking to venues. (The only hard part was getting up drainpipes on our return in the early hours.) These visits were really my first experience of the booming counterculture of the time.

I followed the band for years, even when the novelty of traipsing after them to every gig wore off. Somehow we lost touch and over the years and the band left the psychedelics behind to return to their blues roots.

Amazingly, they are now back as a rock entity - although only Steve and Edgar himself seem to remain from the original line-up. This performance features an updated take on their original anthem, "Out Demons Out", which, along with their cover of Captain Beeheart's "Tune In, Drop Out" symbolised the spirit of the age where I was concerned.

Wonderful to see them going strong again, their political compass also seems little diminished - so forgive my indulgance.


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