Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Zionists re-invade Gaza

Hamas move offers peace hopes amid hostage row

So some Palestinian resistance fighters take a single serving Israeli soldiers hostage and demand the release by Isreal of several hundred prisoners, most of them civilian. So what does Israel do? As of shortly after midnight (UK time) they have sent troops into Gaza , effectively sealing the one remaining independent border with Egypt. As they now claim to look for their missing soldier in an operation rather akin to searching for a needle in a haystack, the Israeli government has promised "great pain" to Palestine and has already bombed the hell out of the local infrastructure. The quest for one soldier seems likely to bring about far more troop casualties and it's anyone's guess how many innocent Palestinians will suffer.

All this as Palestine's Hamas government, whilst not officially recognising the Isreali right to occupation of its territory, has signed up to an agreement that would define the Palestine state borders in the position still legally recognised by the UN - namely those last in effect in 1967. Not that the Zionist expansionists are having any of it - for all the talk of peace they behave in a manner more reminiscent of their own former oppressor, namely Hitler. Plus they have illegal nuclear weapons which represent a far greater threat than those of either Iran or North Korea in real terms. No doubt the hypocritical imperialists in Washington will be lapping up the Israeli agression whilst the UN stand idly by.

The television media are now picking up on it and treating it like a thrill-a-second adventure. No prizes for guessing which side is getting the subliminal support. I'll catch up on the murder count in the morning. Which will be ...


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