Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Winds of change?

One Riot Breaks Ground in China

The Washington Post report above is one of those stories that may not have headline status but could have long-term significance. A huge protest amongst China's farmers has not been met with the usual state violence and repression. Rather, despite major riots, the protest has been met with concessions which suggest China may be moving toward a tactic of negotiation in cases of internal dissent. Oddly, it may be the new market economy itself that is bringing this about.

Most of the British press went "to bed" too early to give much coverage to the overnight incursion by Israel into Gaza, but Amerika was still awake when it happened. The destruction seems to have been designed to divide Gaza into three sectors.

The Independent notes how the jets struck on the eve of what might have been a settlement. The same paper has a major features asking about the supposed "dangers" of cannabis following the UN czar's pronoucements the other day. (See previous blog). The US congress vote of allowing medical pot use tomorrow and this is the last chance for US readers to act.

Also of note, Jack Straw has called for an end to the Royal Perogative on matters of UK war-making (although I did note yesterday that in any real sense this vanished back in the days of Thatcher anyway!). A national mail strike is threatened and the "Freedom of Information" office has been accused of, you guessed it, secrecy! Most of the UK press centre their attention on the possibility that Blair will set his departure date before Labore's September conference.

The Spanish parliament votes today on "Rights for Apes". This will be a first for a non-human species! Thanks to a single vote, Amerikan's can still enjoy the privilage of burning their own flag.

Some new UK festival dates in the calender (at left) and a plug for the forthcoming book, Hemp For Victory.


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