Thursday, June 01, 2006

Silencing the marvericks

Independent Online Edition

This headline link leads to a feature at The Independent on the controversial deputy police commissioner, Brian Paddick. An outspoken and relatively liberal voice in the firoce, he has now been "promoted" to an insignificant desk job. The message? he should now retire or resign. This is a bad sign and symptomic of the beleagered commissioner, Sir Ian Blair now operating on the defensive. With others in the ranks saying it is he who should go, is London's Met engaed in its own civil war?

I've been offline for near 36 hours for some extensive system maintainence and now have a tripe-sized inbox to cope with. Scanning news undercurrents is time-consuming at the best of times so check "Latest Clicks" for breaking items. Normal service will be resumed ...


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