Tuesday, June 27, 2006

A quarter century passed, Argentina declares new pursuit of Falklands

Argentina talks tough over new claim to the Falkland Islands

When Thatcher engaged in the "hostilities" with Argentina nearly 25 years back, it was the first major British conflict of the times for people my age. It was also the first time Britain entered such a fray with out obtaining royal consent for a declaration of war. Arguably it was a defensive action and that a "state of war" thus never existed, but rumours abounded that the invasion to which we suppossedly reacted was secretly engineered by British operatives as an excuse to reclaim and further fortify an Imperial outpost whose main asset was its proximity to the oil and mineral resources in Britain's antarctic territories. Whatever the reality, the news that Argentina is getting uppity about the colony again is not good news. Particularly given that Blair has just put Antarctica's protected status "on Hold".

Blair's participation in the invasion of Iraq was most certainly not a "defensive" action and must certainly qualify as a "war". Despite massive protest, he went in anyway - seemingly pursuing an agenda dictated by Amerika. In the disaster that has followed, it is interesting that little mention is ever made of the fact that, despite a hastily-convened parliamentary debate, Blair never obtained royal consent for Britain's latest crusade either.

Today, the Prime Preacher has his hands full again as his most recent scapegoat, former Home Secretary Charles Clarke, goes public with his vindictive misery. So much so, that he's taken up writing essays - yesterday and today. Obviously now devoid of anything better to do and with some time on his hands!

The Scotsman report that the UN Drugs Czar has condemned Britain's downgrading of Cannabis. Whilst I think we can assume the spokeman is a Bush stooge, it is a bad sign - but before we get too depressed about the article, check out the wealth of comment it has produced. Sane voices prevail and also show that The Scotsman has an international reach. As the UN increasingly proves itself useless in combating tyranny and imperialism, it begins to seem like nothing more than a tool of its so-called "Security Council" - an unrepresentative collection of its ruling elite. That its now taken up dictating its own basepoint on civil rights and liberties merely reinforces the obselete nature of its current administration and constitution.

One of Britain;s best political cartoonists is Steve Bell. Here he discusses 25 years on the job with some wicked observations on the targets of his charicatures.


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