Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Blair shows some sense for once

Blair refuses to back Olmert's West Bank plan

A report above on Blair's meeting with the new zionist leader, Ehud Olmert. Instead of giving backing to Israel's continued occupation of Palestine, he has sensibly demanded that the forces of invasion should return to their defined 1967 borders. Were they to do so, it is said that there is every chance that Hamas, the elected Palestinian government, would concede Israel's right to exist on their former lands and that a workable solution could be found for the two states to co-exist as neighbours.

Sadly, it seems that Palestine's legacy president would rather swing towards placating Israel. That a threat of civil war in Palestine itself now looms following his attack on the elected government simply plays into the hands of the occupiers who will claim that Hamas are an unfit party with which the negotiate. Full marks then for once, to Tony Blair who seemingly insisted that "negotiation is the only way forward". Cynics note that he may have his eyes on a role as international peace-maker as a post-prime-ministerial legacy - but if he sticks to his guns on this one, who cares?

Now if only the UN would take action of Israel's illegal nuclear weapons, there might be a sensible future yet for the Middle East. It would also go a long way toward tempering Iran's alleged nuclear ambitions.


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