Sunday, April 23, 2006

The Rumsfeld Strikes Back

New Plans Foresee Fighting Terrorism Beyond War Zones

One might think with the current flack, which now includes young officers in the military, the Amerika's secretary of war might have hunkered (bunkered?) down for a while. No such luck! The headline above leads to the Washington Post where he reveals a host of new "secret" plans for upping-the-ante on imperial agitation. Just as the NSA dissect all the Iraq blunders in public.

The ape emperor does not, of course, oppose all "terrorism". Check out the White House Favourites for more. His enforced interlude with the Chinese leader over, Dubya's headed south for a team up with Arnie. In an attempt to bolster the falling ratings of both mean, they even tried to hijack Earth Day yesterday with some silly energy policies.

An FDA report illuminates the wide divide on marijuana policy and appears to lack so much credibility that that law reformers are those who benefit. More on the controversy in a slide show. It seems Pot is the preferred method of escapism in Iran too. Also on drugs, how to choose your anti-depressant and a piece on handling "TeenScreen".

In the UK the media have been obsessed with Queenie in her birthday suit and the re-christening of HRH Octopussy. An American writer, having visited Britain, suggests that Blair is worse than Bush. The Indpendent offers a bit of history with the Chilling Tales of the Black & Tans.

A couple of plugs. On the blog front we have The Smirking Chimp and old friend Richard Neville is back after the his recent disturbance. Old hippies looking for some fine nostalgia might find some light musical relief here.


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