Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Killers freed by Incompetence

Killers freed by mistake

Breaking news (no link yet - it's on the radio) is cause for some seriously "weighty" speculation. It seems our deputy Prime Minister has been having an affair with his secretary. In Westminster, such liasions are seemingly commonplace, but are thankfully no longer resigning matters in this day and age.

Sadly, it seems that more serious matters of mis-management and incompetence are also considered far too lightly as well. If there was ever an issue to resign over, it is the mess Charles Clarke has made of the Home Office - as detailed in the headline link above. An apology, together with a hint of blame on his predecessors, is hardly enough - especially as he was warned of the problem some time back. Like his leader, this man shows a complete disregard for the detail of policies which are ill-thought-out from the start - both men should be removed from the stage at the earliest opportunity - before they destroy the infracstructure of our country beyond repair.

20 years after Chernobyl, Magnum present a highly moving portait of it's legacy. This as both the US and UK engage in building a whole new generation of nuclear weapons. So much for "non-proliferation" treaties - is it any wonder the likes of Iran want to keep up with the race! To think Bliar once supported CND.

An appropriate musical interlude - "20" by master bluesman, Robert Cray. Also a video interview with Neil Young. And on a less serious note - how Mick Jagger (soon to be a sitcom star) won't give up his room for Bush.


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