Monday, April 03, 2006

The Jack & Condi Show

Rice, Straw Press to Forge Unity

Given the complexities of international time zones, it has taken a while for the weekend hoaxes to settle down. One can assume most of the news is now back to normal.

It was a tough weekend for the Rice-Straw tour. A volatile reception greeted the couple in Northern England and any hopes of a quiet weekend were dashed. So much so, that they sought to escape to Iraq. Sadly, Condi's plane cabin wasn't quite big enough for both of them and she ended up sleeping on the floor. The arrival in Iraq was pretty rough too and telling the local Prime Minister he should step down probably didn't enhance the atmosphere either. It's all in the report at top.

Today we see the launch of Britain's version of the FBI as Blair arrives back from down-under to try and take control of things again. Doctors are demanding a complete rethink of the Health Service while secret government documents suggest we may be in for a huge death toll if Bird Flu strikes. If you are planning to stock up on supplies, bear in mind that cheques are no longer acceptable. The British public have been coming up with suggestions to tackle climate change, some of which go beyond the courage of the government to implement.

In Amerika, the Ape Emperor has accidently signed the wrong bill into law and can't find anyone to take the FEMA job as the evangelical masses adopt U2's Bono for religious marketing. Amidst all the other corruption and lobbying scandals, an item in the Washington Post suggested The Effect of the Israel Lobby is distorting history. So today, the Dean of Harvard's Kennedy School loses his job.

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