Monday, April 24, 2006

Guilty until proven innocent

Blair's plan to drive out criminals draws fresh fears for civil liberties

For some reason this morning's blog didn't get posted properly - so much for push-button publishing. So a quich resume.

The headline link above goes the the Scotsman which reveals Blair's new plans which are a kick in the face to civil liberties as we know them. Dealing with suspected terrorists is one thing, but the Prime Preacher seems to have lost all sense of conscience in extending the tactics to the domestic front. For someone who trained as a lawyer, this is the supreme insult from a dictator who sees himself far removed from the affairs of the common man and woman. What will happen to future generations?

When Margaret Thatcher went batty, her party got rid of her. Is it not time the Labour Party does the same with this shallow-minded incompetant?

Also, headliningat CBS, a top CIA spy speaks out against Bush.


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