Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Defensive Positions

A Show Is Born

Bush is backing him and so are a few high-salaried employees - the rest of his company and most of the world are not. As the New York Times link above points out, defending himself has now become the full time occupation of Amerika's Secretary of Defense. The daily show has become a political theatre bordering on farce.

Also on the defensive is Britain's Bliar. As everyone points out, never have we seen him so flustered and sweating as he addressed NHS issues yesterday. Whether his distress had anything to do with his failing welfare policies is unclear. Remember that on his return from the Easta break he would have been confronted with 300 police invading both Whitehall and the Labour Party offices as they start investigating the "cash for honours and contracts" scandals. It is quite possible the Prime Preacher himself could have received a caution as part of the process. Enough to get your back up if not as yet up aginst the wall!


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