Thursday, February 02, 2006

White House Meeting Memo implicates Blair in Bush plans for Iraq

White House Meeting Memo

A short link for late in the day - UK chnnel 4 television news (link above) have hust broken dome rather incriminating news.

Pre-iraq invasion it is suggested that Bush had already decided on 10th March to act and only agrees to Blair's request to obtain a second security council resolution as a diversion. Blair agreed to follow Bush to war regardless of whether they obtained the resolution or not. As we know, it wasn't. More importantly, both leaders appeared to realise that Saddam Hussein was not actually in breach of conditions or an immediate threat - Bush seems more concerned with fabricating an incident which can be blamed on Iraq, in particular by disguising his own aircraft in United Nations colours and flying them low enough to be shot down.

It reminds us suspicions that the 9.11 attacks were "allowed" to take place to provide the "new Pearl Harbour" heralded by PNAC (Project for a New American Century) as suitable auspices for American imperial pursuits and agression. See recent report here.


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