Monday, February 27, 2006

Power to the People - Right on! (Late reprise)

"Parliament has had many of its teeth removed and government is conducted from Downing Street."

Today's Independent features a report from an independent parliamentary "power" commission which claims that Tony Blair has "neutered" democracy and that it needs to be returned, more thoroughly, to the voting public. There are four different pieces on the issue - follow the links on the main page above.

The Scotsman reports on two intruiging drugs issues. Firstly, the military are adapting to the reality of recreational drug use and secondly, a new Conservative policy book suggests The legalisation of all drugs. More feeds here. From the weekend, also a report that MI5 will be paying compensation for mind-control experiments using LSD in the 1950s. If any of the subjects are still alive that is!

Across the water, the Ape Emperor prepares to depart for India this week in a desparate search for A New Best Friend, according to The Times.

As freedom slowly dies in the imperial homeland, one wonders just how long before abortion becomes illegal by decree of the new religious zealots. The Washington Post reports too that the states are lining up to take sides in a battle to outlaw the "morning after" contraceptive pill. An Op-Ed News piece at the weekend also examined the way the neocons are attacking women in the states.

Lots more snippets in "Latest Clicks" - see link on left.

I've also created a new link (left again) to my calender at Yahoo. Since this is not used for much else, I've decided to initiate public entries for events vaguely related to this column. If you want anything posted, email me the details.


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