Sunday, February 12, 2006

Anticipating a "Cyber Storm"

'Cyber Storm' Tests U.S. Web Defenses

The short report above covers the conclusion of a US government "wargames" excercise. It's hard to fault the need for such simulations as a purely defensive measure against future attacks but there is some surprise that we humble bloggers have been targeted as possible providers of misinformation and activist rally-calling. Given that Britain and other selected countries were also involved, one has to balk at the global reach of this endeavour.

The state of current electronic defenses is said to be inadequate, but the results of this test won't be known for a while - if, indeed, they are ever made public at all. Of more concern is the extent to which possible defense strategies might be incorporated into the surveillance state increasingly being imposed on both the Amerikan and British civilian population. Unauthorised domestic wire-tapping by those in government is illegal and an infringement of civil liberties on both sides of the Altantic, despite the designs of the Ape Emperor and his Prime Preacher. The grey area of that issue and that of military defense and response needs to be watched very carefully.

Drunken US pilots not with-standing.


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