Wednesday, February 01, 2006

The Day the Preachers lost their plots

Times Online - Crash Bang Wallop

This morning's Times is the first to report on the amazing mess of last night's parliamentary vote here in the UK. The religious hadred bill was always highly suspect but rather less contentious than other legislation Blair has planned. It was expected to pass through parliament relatively smoothly so imagine the surprise when it didn't. For the second time now, the government have been defeated in the House of Commons, but the biggest farce is that they only lacked one vote. Whose vote? Well there are quite a few candidates, but the most notable absentee was the Prime Preacher himself. Absurd or what?

By all reports, the Ape Emperor suffered too as he tried to address the hordes of the Amerikan homeland. None seem to have been impressed by the speech and most seem to have been decidedly unimpressed. Probably too self-confident have successfully got his high court appointment through, he had the audacity to use the death of Martin King's wife for a "look good" introduction. The fact that she stood for the exact opposite of his own policies was clearly loast on Bush.

Alternet are first off with the analyses - Dead Man Talking and Splicing & Dicing the Union are good reads. They are also releasing podcasts of The Alternative State of the Union today, so click to download the MP3s.

Aghast I am.


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