Sunday, July 31, 2005

Our local basement plotters

lifts lid on London bomb plot

Another quick London bombers link. The one who tried to bomb our "local" target here (Shepherds Bush/Westbourne Park) has confessed to Italian interrogators and it seems a basement gym in Notting Hill was where all the planning took place. One wonders about the speed of this revelation given the close connection between mafia and police in that country.

Some questions were raised last week about MI5's overt recruitment campaign and whether this may actually increase the likelyhood of infiltration by "Islamist" activists. The "standing-down" of Irish republican miliary operations may also have some greater significance, given that they are known to have co-operated with British Intelligence in previous times of greater warfare.

During recent years there have been endless stories of Amerika shipping prisoners to countries that engage in torture to extract information. One hopes that Britain has no plans to engage in similar practices. Information gleaned under such circumstances can barely be considered reliable - people will "confess" to anything that offers relief under duress and the technique is hardly the mark of a civilised society in the 21st century.

We should take care to ensure the hunt for global threats to our modern day lifestyle does not bring us to another age of inquisition.


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