Monday, July 04, 2005

Gee - eight cometh to ignor the cast of thousands

We Brits should probably watch TV news tonight for Trevor McDonald's interview with the great dictator. Best to know the enemy and all that! Actually, so much has been revealed in advance that we can be pretty sure George was not listening to the Live8 congregation. Jon Snow will report further from Africa no doubt, but this link is for the new G8 blog started by Channel 4 News. Keep it in your favourites this week.

Philadelephia may not have given us the best concert last weekend, but they sure as hell gave us the best turnout with around 1.5 million people. Two full days on and the amount of attention it has received in Amerika's mainstream press remains deplorable. At one time, Bush would have had us believe that he himself never watched television. Laura Bush put paid to that myth and rumour has it that if Sir Bob had had the foresight to include Ozzie Osbourne in the line-up, then even the presidental ears would have picked up. We'll never know!

What we do know is that despite a few cosmetic enhancements to his public image, he has not intention of agreeing to anything that will upset Amerika's own economy and the greed inherant therein. The world can fall apart for all he cares - so long as it remains ripe for plunder while he follows his 20 year drive for alternative resources and a hydrogen-powered economy. Whilst Britain and other selected countries will no doubt get to share some of these advances, the third world in another two decades may find itself in a whole other league of disenfrachisement.

PNAC are hellbent on world domination and their biggest weapon is the manipulation of the global economy through a multi-national corporate infrastructure. When the oil does run out (and it will) then even the states currently rich in that particular product will become relegated to zones of inconsequence. Remember, they are a "Project for a New Amerikan CENTURY!" That's a long time indeed for your average politition, but a very short time for the industrial complex and would-be empire builders.

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