Thursday, July 07, 2005

On yer bike -literally News - Scotland - Edinburgh - Police foil bid to blockade city

It would be laughable under other circumstances. Bloke arrives at party, gets bored with talk, takes bike ride, collides with local policeman, hospitalises policeman, gets taken back to party, quick repair job and attends dinner in bandages. The bloke in question however was George Bush - presumably mistaking the golf course for his local rodeo. The poor cop, upon seeing what was coming, will have had good cause to redefine his expectations of a "terrorist".

Sorry. As I write there have been a number of what probably are "terrorist" attacks here in London, so things are getting serious.

First from Channel Four...


**Breaking news**

London Underground has suspended all services following reports of
explosions near Liverpool St and Edgware Road this morning.
We are also receiving news of explosions on a number of buses including
one in Tavistock Square - and further explosions on the Piccadily Line
near King's Cross.

Emergency services were called to London's Liverpool Street Station
after reports of an explosion shortly before 9am.

British Transport Police said the incident, reported at at 8.49am on
the Metropolitan Line between Liverpool Street and Aldgate.

London Underground said: "The network has been suspended until further
notice and all stations are being evacuated.

"This follows major incidents at Liverpool Street and Edgware Road
(Hammersmith & City) stations. Emergency services are on site and are
working closely with London Underground."

A spokesman for the City of London Police said there were "quite a
large number of casualties" at Aldgate Station.

Mainline train company First Great Western said its services into
London's Paddington station were terminating at Reading in Berkshire because
of the Underground crisis.

More to follow and at Noon on Channel 4.


Official news is still sketchy but London is at a standstill. Targetting the transport infrastructure is a known terror tactic and with it all taking place at the start of G8 I cannot believe this resulted from a mere power surge. As I write, the mobile telephone networks are currently being shut down to prevent them being used to trigger explosive devices and the London Emergency Plan is in full effect, so we can fear the worst.


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