Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Blair v Blair in the War Against Terror

Scotsman Story

Lost in his own personal ideology, we all know the UK prime minister (preacher) has long since lost touch with the electorate. Now it appears the dissent extends to the domestic quarters of Downing Street too. Read more with this link.

New today, Richard Neville posts a new edition of his blog.

As for this one? Sorry about the lack of postings, but some other tasks have taken priority recently. Re-organising my web locations foremost. Check Latest Clicks for the most interesting stories.

Here in the UK I'm on two wheels pedalling away from public transport. Wearing a rucksack is essential for this, so let's hope cyclists are not in the scope of the public executioners. A shot in the arm is preferable to eight in the head.

London's churning.


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