Thursday, July 07, 2005

London mourning! News - Top Stories - Twelve dead, at least 150 injured as terrorists target London

Based in London as I am, it is hard to focus on any other news than that of the chaos caused by the terrorist attacks here his morning. This link leads to the latest posting at The Scotsman where all the latest from G8 can be found as well.

For those who have read, or are about to read, my previous blog an explanation is in order. The first paragraph was written last night - subsequent paragraphs this morning as I woke to the news. They were published simultaneously and the juxtaposition of the two items looks like very poor taste. My apologies.

The contrast between the street parties of last night following the Olympic news and the somber mood this morning could not be more acute. The palpable shock is something I cannot remember since the IRA bombed the City of London in the 1970s. Long expecting such an event, the emergency systems have coped well and the human cost of this assault may fortunately be less than intended. Yet the new world war has hit home and the economic damage is already evident as the pound and stock market already fall in value - the more so following yesterday's boost (not that even Al Quaida could have forseen the Olympic decision). That the timing co-incides with the G8 summit speaks for itself.

Understandably for once, the air traffic overhead is busy and you'll forgive me if I sign off the monitor the local news.


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