Friday, October 20, 2006

Short shrift for Blair Party?

Clare Short resigns from Labour, reports say

Probably the only thing that would tempt me to vote for a version of the British Labour party would have been a scenario where Clare Short had been it's leader. Since her opposition to Blair's Iraq adventure, she has unfortunately been sidelined and this breaking news suggests she will now be leaving the fold. The news is not yet fully confirmed, but it is reported she will still stand for parliament as an independent candidate.

Maybe she should start a new party of her own. She might well recover the traditional voters recently hijacked by the Blairite movement.

Meanwhile in Russia, Putin is busy backtracking on his remarks about being "jealous" of the Israeli president's ability to perform rape! His enviromental authorities are busying themselves in another direction entirely - finding out who allowed the visiting King of Spain to shoot one of their "drunk" bears. Amazing what world leaders think they can get away with.


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