Monday, October 09, 2006

The Burial of Non-Proliferation

North Korea's first nuclear test

Having spent a few weeks complaining about the plans, the empire now switches tack and complains about the event. Forgive me for saying nothing much seems to have changed.

Thanks to the agression of the likes of Bush and Blair, the rest of the world has realised the need to watch their asses. The idea of non-proliferation of the global stockpile of nuclear weapons has been turned to farce by both the end of cold war detente and the behaviour of Britain and Amerika in renewing, expanding and rebuilding their stocks. No surprise then that vulnerable territories feel compelled to retaliate they announcing publicly their possession of the ultimate tool of warfare. In a vague sense, it is almost an attempt to revive detente itself.

Whether this will temper the rhetoric of empire or compound the intent of the new world warriors remains to be seen. I hate the very idea of nukes but they can't exactly be "un-invented" and promoting the idea of related technology as the "saviour" of our greedy energy requirements sends entirely the wrong message to disenfranchised states eager to compete with the arrogant rich nations who are rapidly becoming their "would-be" masters.

Most of the so-called incentives to stall the development of nuclear technologies have centred on the principle of "don't worry - we'll supply you with what you need". This is, as the potential recipiants know, simply a ploy to "sell" product (probably at inflated prices) and force fiscal enslavement to the empire's corporate agenda.

Until someone takes the lead in eradicating the nuclear threat from the very surface of our planet, it is difficult to see how the new proliferation will end. I'm no friend of North Korea, but at least they have made a statement in denial of the planet's bully-boys.

Obviously everyone's now concerned about Iran - a much larger, resource-rich and influencial land who seem set on taking a similar approach to deter the forces on conquest. During the last week we have witnessed multiple ineffective meetings where the dubiously named "international community" have attempted to reach a resolution on how to manipulate the situation in favour of all the vested interests except those of Iran itself. Little progress has been made and in their obsession with purported "diplomacy", the media machine has paid scant attention the the fact that the amassed naval forces of Amerika (which left the homeland around two weeks ago) are now building up a considerable presence in the Persian Gulf.

These are of course, like the new Bush-named warship we were treated to a few days back, nuclear-powered and nuclear-armed.
Devoid of manpower now undeployed elsewhere and with little more weaponary other than a nuclear arsenal to fall back upon, my greatest fear is that the idiot in charge will perform the most serious crime of all. Reaching for the dreaded "red button".


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