Sunday, October 08, 2006

It's a "Not-On" for Norton News - UK - Graham Norton's 'loads of drugs' admission

Here in Britain we have a TV personality whose public persona is hard to define. Part camp, part clown, part commentator and quite an effective interviewer. He's embedded in the mainstream, but comes across as an oddity rather than the norm. He's a consumate proffessional and has, as they say, "done the rounds".

I've never seen him ever come close to losing control or in any other way exhibit behaviour that would suggest he is "under the influence" of anything other than the requirements of a TV studio. News that he thoroughly enjoys a myriad of "drug" experiences is to my mind proof that its not the drugs that are the problem - its the personality and environment of the taker.

These revelations by Norton are curious. The BBC haven't so far taken the knee-jerk reaction they usually do and "sacked" him. Indeed, they are defending him on the basis he is an "adult" entertainer. Given his high profile, even I would dispute that one! Cynics say he might even have been trying to break his contract - he's seems to like moving on quite frequently.

No doubt the media will run and run with this one - they love celebrity scandals! Whether Norton keeps his present position and status remains to be seen. In reality, the whole affair is a matter of total inconsequence and, regardless of any other consequences, will have been great PR for Norton himself.

It will be a shame if his employers bow to convention and try to distance themselves from controversy by removing him from the air. They'll probably be doing him a favour and themselves none.


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