Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Advertising terrorism

Ok - so this is becoming a habit nd why not? Keith Olbermann is rapidly becoming the voice of something almost forgotten - a sensible Amerika.

With the Bush Party using every cheap trick it can find to up the fear agenda in pursuit of ignorant votes,, Olbermann tears apart the partisan advertising for what it is - the propaganda of deceit.

Better still, it looks like CNN may be stirring. The Repulsivans as a correspondant calls them, have been squarking rather loudly about recent lack of censorship in the war coverage from the channel - they don'y like the Amerikan people seeing the reality. Now on the defensive, I imagine CNN will simply up the ante and fight their corner. What one might call a "nothing left to lose" scenario.

I'm beginning to think Amerika is now being better served by its mainstream media than here in Britain. ITN, the independent television news leaders (who also produce our excellent Channel 4 News programmes) have now been denied battlefield warzone access by the British military. The reason? Independent reporting that doesn't subscribe to the propaganda rulebook. Maybe they too will fight back with an increase in lesser-censored stories.

To top it all, the major news item today has received barely any coverage by telvision broadcasters. The departing Blair has left another mark by starting the machinery that will put all UK citizens on the national DNA database whether willingly other otherwise. For links and more comment on all this, click the button for "My Bloglines" at left.

In "Latest Clicks" you'll also find a link to Alex Jones site in the US which additionally reports that DNA scanners are to be introduced to British pubs, with all customers being tagged before entry. It sounds far-fetched but I'm not so sure - it could be implemented and excused under the auspices of controlling "yob" behaviour and such. Particularly pertinent in a week where it's been "revealed" (planted?) that most British adults are scared of teenagers and unwillingly to confront their behaviour. My question would be, if such a scheme were implented tomorrow, just how long before a similar fate awaited us all on a trip to the supermarket? It takes just one such first step to set easily in motion the ones that will logically follow.


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