Monday, May 29, 2006

Twat's away - Bull will play!

Prescott in fight to save his career

His government inept and leaking from multiple punctures, our Prime Preacher runs off the hob-nob with his facist friends in the heart of Empire. Maybe its a last ditch attempt to look good on the world stage, but it seems even his speeches are now written by the White House. Back at home, his deputy is supposed to be running the country, but prefers to engage in some lazy gameplay, as discussed in the headline link above. Images of Prescott on the croquet lawn seems wholly out-of-character for a man renowned for "fisticuffs" and the composure of an elephant. Visions of a bull standing placidly in a field of chickens!

Whether this diversion is a neglect of duty is a moot point. One suspects he would no more be "running the country" in any other capacity than that suggested here either! The rest of the planet does not share Britain's holiday weekend but one could be forgiven for thinking otherwise. Despite major events in Indonesia and elsewhere, there is a sense of quiet in the media - calm before the storm perhaps? When Blair gets back I suspect he will find the minefields on his own turf as the war of disaffection begins.

In Amerika, the Pentagon aim to build some new missles that will be able to hit any target on the planet within one hour. Therein lies the threat of the kind of war we should really be concerned about. On a more optimnistic note, the phenomonel rise of "My Space" seems to have brought about an inspirational rise in political voices amongst a younger generation. Now if only the words and opinions become action ...

Support internet freedom. Take some time to read The Internet Freedom & Nondiscrimation Act. Even renegade Hillary Clinton has stuck her neck out on this one!


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