Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Rocks Off on Acid Rock for Condi?

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As Eric Clapton opens his latest residency at the Albert Hall tonight, this curious link above reveals that the Cream version of "Sunsine of Your Love" is the number two choice in a "Desert Island Disc" styled listing from Condi Rice. Whether this is PR to suggest she has catholic tastes and is thus a human being or actually genuine we cannot know.

The link is a good opener for something more serious. U2's Bono has taken over the British "Independent" newspaper for the day. The "Red" edition contains a cornucopia of articles relating to AIDS, Africa and world affairs from slightly different perspectives and is well worth the read. I'm no real fan of Bono - his evangelical zeal reminds me too much of the equally missionary appraoch of Bush and Blair. Promoting this journalistic exercise, he claims that "motivation does not matter" and that it is results that count. I would argue that results usually remain tainted by the motivation that achieved them.

The special edition is accompanied by a campaign which includes a collective of mobile phone companies who will be raising money for AIDS relief worldwide. A worthy cause, but I suspect the telcos will witness profits from the publicity that far exceeds the money raised for the cause itself. As we saw with the Live Aid revival last year, Bono (like Geldof) has a talent for bringing issues to the stage, but all too often the agenda is hi-jacked by government and corporate interests.

News is coming in of a new broadcast by Dubya which has ended in complete farce. It seems it went on air whilst the Ape Emperor himself though it was still a rehersal. "Bushisms" are reaching new heights! A link to the video will follow later.

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