Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Liquid Replenishemnt with a vengence

Water company bosses plan to tow icebergs up Thames

It might sound like fantasy but the water company here in London has unvealed plans to go up to the rapidly-melting arctic, grab a few icebergs and tow them into town via the River Thames. The fresh water will then be siphoned off to cope with the forthcoming drought. As the above link explains, another bright idea involves "seeding" clouds.

Bush popularity is now somewhere below that of Nixon but slightly higher than Venerial Disease and the "trust" factor nears zero. Some suggest Amerika needs to run for cover as the Ape Emperor attempts to escape accountability. All such issues are diverted today as Australia's PM John Howard goes to Washington and gets the full "pat-on-the-back" treatment from the Imperial Court.

In the UK, Blair gets ever more serious about copulating with nuclear power which means subsidies for wind, water and plant power will be eaten up by an expensive endeavour the disposal consquences of which will be left to generations after we are all dead and gone. Nor did I realise until last night that people running their car engines using vegetable oil are doing so aginst the law unless they register and pay the equivilent of fuel tax on their consumption. Evidence if needed that government's idea of a green agenda is a hoax except where potential added income is concerned. Less a banner for progress than a barrier to progress.

In a world of multi-national corporations and the greed of a military-industrial complex, I sometimes wonder whether it would be better to privatise governance itself. Could we elect representatives whose sole function would be to act as "watchdogs" over "appointees" who have some genuine management skills. Parliament could then sack these substitute "ministers" if they didn't perform or were found incompetant. It might mean an end to "career" politics, but that might not be a bad thing - after all, public service is supposed to be the name of the game!

Talking of incompetence, the Scotsman reveals that the Health Service may end up spending more by re-imbursing people who get treated abroad than they would if they got their own act together.

The plans of the telecom companies are said to be making the Bush/Blair surveillance state look petty by comparison. Beware the Information Highway Robbers.


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