Saturday, May 27, 2006

The End of Euphoria

Writing yesterday morning I was reacting to watching the "farce" of the Bush-Blair summit. There was little humour in the event although Bush appeared to think otherwise. It was more like witnessing one of the closing acts in a dramatic tragedy. Since then, the media both here and in the elsewhere seem to have sensed that some kind of endgame is approaching and for that at least we can be more than thankful. If a shift in public perception is to come, it is their power that will accelarate it. For loads of analysis, see Latest Clicks at left.

An update the last week's medical pot lobby - the British member of parliament, Paul Flynn, has extensive coverage on his own website which is more than welcome. For an American clip on the benefits of taxing and regulating marijuana, click here.

The marijuana issue is wide ranging these days but certainly of interest to the generation of old hippies who will be celebrating the 40th anniversary of the original "Summer Of Love" next year. Tonight, the beeb aim to get in on the act early with a special programme on BBC2 (TV) at just past 9pm here in Britain.

Without Desmond Dekker, the music world may never have witnessed Bob Marley and the influence of reggae in world music. He sadly died yesterday aged 64. Also in music, the weird as Cate Blanchett is to play Bob Dylan in a movie and the humble as Joan Baez finds a new protest song.


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