Monday, November 14, 2005

Small Pharma? Reefer to dosage ...

Respectable Reefer

After a quiet weekend here is a story that seems appropriate after Friday's outrage about "Cannabis Gran". GW Pharmaceuticals make the only legal marijuana products in the UK and their customer base here is non-existent. They do however export produce to Canada.

This feature takes a look at the company whose Sativex brand isn't even available in the country of manufacture. Were it so, poor pensioners might not be forced to prepare their own medicine and thus be subject to persecution by forces of law and order who have far more important things to do in this day and age.

This on a day when our Transport secretary hosts a meeting where plans are being annouced for high-tech surveillance measures on the underground and elsewhere. It is, of course, part of the government's anti-terrorism strategy but surely this better fits the Home Office remit. Maybe this is designed to take the heat off Charles Clarke and recent parliamentary failures.


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