Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Bush Goes On Offense Over Iraq

CBS News | Bush Goes On Offense Over Iraq | November 30, 2005�09:51:13

A quick link to CBS where you can view or download the new 35 page document released by the White House and describing future strategy for Iraq. In few few short hours it will be followed by Bush himself procrastinating on the issue.

Having left it a reasonable time since the passing of Michael Hutchens, those Australian mega-rockers INXS are back on the road with a new album. The replacement singer sounds like a cross between Hutchens and Jagger which means the band sound every bit their classic selves. Their current gigs are in the USA and a visit to the site at Sony Music set off my security alarms before crashing the browser completely. A better bet is the Australian band site where you can download the new single for free.

I still haven't found anything more on the latest Downing Street leak, but you can find a bit of speculation HERE.


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