Friday, November 18, 2005

The cat's away - let dissent play!

Independent Clinton Outburst

It must be psychology - with Bush temporarily dispatched to the other side of the planet, otherwise timid beasts emerge from the shadows.

Well not Bill Clinton. His claims that Iraq has been a "big mistake" are echoing everywhere and this link to today's Independent has a decent summary.

Possibly more upsetting for the ape emperor is the complete rejection of his social spending cuts and a demand for Iraq war accounting by Congress. Not so much a democrat uprising than a rebellion by now unhappy republicans.

In the UK, Blair's at home but facing similar dissent for his ideas of future social planning. Sadly, although he can't muster support from his own party, it seems likely he'll get a lot of backing from the opposition. As a result some legislation may get through. The Torys hardly need a new leader - they've got Blair! In his pursuit of legacy, he is more than willing to betray the party he used to lead and with retirement pending he has little regard for the electorate.

We've got the Olympics and now government is backing a UK bid for the World Cup (football). Scoring in one's own goal doesn't go down too well in that game and any team captain practising the habit with such regularity would not be tolerated for long. Blair should scuttle off to the other side of the house and let the team oust his cronies and rebuild themselves. Then they might just be ready to play in future games.


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