Thursday, October 27, 2005

Washington in Crisis, Bush at Bay!

Independent UK

The headline alone is enough to justify this morning's link. I was waiting all day yesterday for indictment news before posting the blog but it remains simply iminent.

In Britain, the government has finally stopped bickering amongst itself long enough the announce that the smoking ban will happen here. As a smoker I'm concerned that something so comprehensive has civil liberties implications but acknowledge that it is a habit to be discouraged.

It's bad news for the chancellor too - much less revenue if the habit wanes. It is also unclear whether the expression "smoking" extends to ginseng and other herbal cigarettes. If it were simply an issue of inhaling toxic substances, far more dangerous to health are the petrolium fumes we have to endure constantly. Ban those and I'll agree to give up cigarettes - cold turkey or no!


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