Monday, October 10, 2005

More 4 Debuts with extended news and Pot Question

More 4

Tonight will see the launch of the highly anticipated new channel from the British broadcaster, Channel Four. More 4 is an adult channel, but despite some initial titillating promos, is not at all concerned with sex. Rather, it promises something similar to BBC4, but less restrained - a second place on the box to appeal to the thinking man and woman.

It launches with More 4 News at 8pm - a direct run-on from the usual highly-acclaimed Channel 4 News of the previous hour and going into more depth on current issues. This link to their website also features an issue of the day. Tonight they ask if it matters whether our politicians have smoked Pot - a natural response to yesterday's telling evasion of an answer by new Tory hopeful, David Cameron.

9pm on the new channel sees something called "A Very Personal Secretary" which looks very much like a fictionalisation of the real life adventures of David Blunkett. At first site, I thought the clip was from "Bremmer Bird & Fortune" but the Blunkett character looks so much like the real thing it's uncanny. I can't see myself doing much channel surfing tonight.


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